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Peptides: How Do They Work As A Key Ingredient In Private Label Skincare Products

Peptides are among the fantastic ingredients greatly loved in private label skincare products. It is why its market growth is higher and thrives year after year. It is foreseen that from 2019 to 2027; its CAGR will be 8.1%. It will also result in a value of $737.8 million in 2019 to $1,169.5 million in 2027.

Furthermore, this article will guide you in understanding peptides as an ingredient. We will also introduce the role of peptides, their benefits, and what other ingredients complement them. Lastly, this article will summarize the best private label peptide skincare that TY OEM Cosmetics can offer.

What are peptides?

Polypeptides are short-term peptides which are proteins beneficial for the skin. This protein is a chain of amino acids that helps the skin produce collagen, keratin, and elastin. Peptides also serve as a bind that keeps the skin tight, firm, and less bouncy.

What is the function of peptides?

The skin may experience signs of aging and loss of collagen production as people age. Because of this issue, natural peptide serves as a helper to signal the skin to produce collagen and intervene with the aging process. The only problem is that this naturally occurring process also slows down as people age, so to continue the process, applying skincare products with peptides is a must. These peptide ingredients help trick the skin into producing more collagen throughout.

The Different Types Of Peptides

If you want to take in-depth research about peptides, you can start with the following types:


Pentapeptides are one of the types of peptides that demonstrate skin-improving properties. When applied, it can penetrate the deepest layers, then boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production. It can also help to treat any wounds or scars on the skin.


Hexapeptides’ most famous benefit is that it creates a botox-like effect on the skin. It is a powerful ingredient that stops the skin from creating wrinkles caused by the face-moving facial expression.

Enzyme-inhibitor peptides

Enzyme-inhibitor peptides are notable for how they prevent collagen loss. It is possible because they signal the enzyme not to degrade collagen and intervene with any components of the aging-related process.


Neuropeptides are a type of peptide that aids the treatment of skin inflammation and irritation. This component helps penetrate the deep layers of the skin and repair any skin issues.

Copper peptides

A naturally occurring peptide is a copper peptide which is a big help in boosting collagen production. It also includes anti-aging properties that help the skin’s elasticity and firmness while reducing signs of aging.

The Benefits Of Peptides Skincare For The Skin

Protein production and collagen slow down as people age, which significantly impacts the skin. Peptides are an essential ingredient that has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. For this reason, they provide considerable benefits to the skin, such as:

Support collagen production

One of the benefits of the best skin care products with peptides is they boost collagen production. These peptides signal the skin to make more collagen, keratin, and elastin. This process will make the skin more firm and young.

Smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed and reduced with the constant use of peptide skincare products. As we have mentioned above, this ingredient boosts collagen production, making the skin firmer and more elastic.  

Improve skin texture

Research has shown that when consumers use peptide ingredients, there is a possibility that they will have smooth and soft skin. They enhance the skin’s protein and collagen, which helps prevent wrinkles and reduce any bumps.

Help with skin hydration

Peptides are also one of the most hydrating ingredients added to skincare products. It aids in preserving skin’s elasticity and moisture, which is why consumers with aging or dry skin will have a more youthful-looking appearance.

Prevent the signs of aging

As people age, the skin can sag and show visibility in wrinkles and fine lines. It is why peptides are a big help for people ages 40+ since they can produce more proteins, an excellent anti-aging property to make the skin smooth and tighten.

Eases inflammation

People with sensitive skin are more apt to redness and inflammation. Peptides skincare has anti-inflammatory properties, a significant factor in lessening redness and irritation. It will also keep the skin exfoliated without drying it out.

Help clear breakouts

Peptides produce collagen, a component that repairs the skin by repairing damaged tissue. It will also prevent and suppress any breakouts and pimples from occurring.

Increasing the skin barrier’s strength

One of the best benefits that using peptide ingredients provide is they promote the production of proteins in the skin. This protein is a big help in healing and rebuilding the skin’s layers.

Gentle on the skin

Peptides are an all-around skincare product suitable for all ages and skin types. It is a potent ingredient, but it is less irritating compared to other anti-aging ingredients.

Best Peptide Products That Are Perfect For Your Private Label Skincare Brand

A tremendous all-around and versatile ingredient is a peptide. It is why we can utilize it in making a variety of skincare products, such as:

Peptide Moisturizer

Peptide moisturizer is a favorite skin care product that signals the skin to boost collagen and rebuild damaged cells. This product works wonderfully on the skin by aiming to reduce signs of aging. It is also fast-absorbing, especially for sensitive, combination, and dry skin.

Peptide Cream

Face cream with the main component of peptide serves as the foundation for the skin to produce collagen and elastin. Customers using this peptide cream can help the skin be firm, young, and away from breakouts.

Serum With Peptides

Peptide serums are a safe and gentle product that can be used twice daily and can be left on the skin. When applied, it can repair any damaged cell by reaching the deepest layer of the skin.

Peptide Eye Serum

The peptide eye serum is a potent peptide-rich ingredient that provides numerous benefits to the skin. If they are applied under the eyes, it will reduce puffiness and make it look hydrated. They will also reduce any dark circles and reduce signs of aging.

Peptide Eye Cream

The peptide eye cream has a thicker consistency compared to eye serum. However, there are similar benefits, such as promoting collagen production and blood circulation. It will also lessen and soften any wrinkles and fine lines while making it bright.

Peptide Lip Treatment

The peptide lip treatment is hydrating and moisturizing, which helps reduce lip lines’ discoloration and visibility. They are a treatment that can be left overnight to make the lips soft and reddish.

Exfoliating Lotion With Peptides

Peptides are known for having smoothening and exfoliating properties. This product makes the whole body glowing, soft, and firm. This product can also repair damaged or dry skin when consumers use it.

Ingredients Best Paired With Peptide

Peptides alone are already a powerful component for skincare. However, if you want to release a product that works and provides benefits to its full potential, you can pair it with other ingredients. Note that not all ingredients are suitable for peptides, only a few like what we listed below are best.

Vitamin C

Peptide paired with Vitamin C is one of the best skin formulations and combinations. These two ingredients are powerful because it helps keep the skin barrier healthy, glowing, and strong. It also illuminates dull skin and makes it appear younger than ever. The only downside of this mixture is that it may cause slight irritation and redness.


The ingredient combination of peptides and niacinamide is entirely safe on the skin. Niacinamide is gentle and serves as a humectant on the skin. It is why, when these two are combined, it can help the skin’s appearance to be healthy and glowing.

Amino Acids

Peptides and amino acids also work well together. These ingredients can help form the skin’s natural moisturizing factors, in short, NMF. Both peptides and amino acids are a great booster of hydration and glowing. For this reason, the skin may be less likely to show signs of aging.

Hyaluronic Acids

Peptide formulated with hyaluronic is among the best skin care products on the market. This ingredient combination is potent, which is why it is super effective on the skin. The peptides will work to revitalize collagen production, while niacinamide will lock the moisture in place.


Peptides and retinol are both potent ingredients but can also be mixed together. Since these two complement each other well, they can help build the skin barrier and penetrate the lower layers.

Guide To Finding Peptide Products For Your Private Label Skincare Line With TY OEM Cosmetics

TY OEM Cosmetics is a private label skincare manufacturer that offers a vast range of products. These skincare products are unique on their own because we use effective and sustainable ingredients. One of the best ingredients we have is Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol, AHAs, Peptides, etc., that will stimulate change in the skin.

Because of how beneficial our skin care products are, our clients love them. We can guarantee repeat sales and brand growth when you utilize our products and services! Learn more about our private label skin care products using peptide ingredients with our contact team today.

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