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We make it easy for you to build your brand by being by providing a one-stop solution to your private label OEM/ODM production.

Creating Your Own Private Label Face Care Product Line Has Never Been This Easy

TY OEM has a team of experienced and certified engineers, designers, sales consultants, and production team who have been engaged in the research and development of different face care products. We also have the ability and equipment to conduct advanced testing, production, and packaging. After all, our goal is to make your ideas into a reality.

Face Cleanser

Face cleansers are the foundation to skincare routine. Before you put anything on your face, you need to get rid of all the free radicals and impurities from your skin. These contaminants create irritating substances that might harm your skin. Cleansers also remove dead skin cells making your face smooth and soft.

Makeup Remover

Makeup is difficult to remove after you apply it on the skin. If not properly removed, it can irritate the skin and clog the pores, making the face more prone to whiteheads, blackheads, acne, and other skin blemishes. Makeup removers dissolve the chemicals and unclog the pores so it can breathe and absorb the nutrients.

Face Toner

Face toners remove the last traces of dirt and impurities off the face. They provide the extra cleansing the face needs and protect it from acne breakouts. TY OEM’s face toners are specially formulated and do not contain alcohol or any other harsh ingredients that might irritate sensitive skin.


Sunscreens give your skin added protection against the sun’s UV rays, which can cause cancer. Sun exposure can also dry the skin, cause wrinkles, and hasten other signs of aging. Our sunscreen formulation has different SPF and PA levels that protect the skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. They come in three different types — oil-in-water, water-in-oil, and sunscreen spray.

Face Cream

Face creams have different functions from calming the skin to brightening and relieving dryness. Face creams moisturize the skin, keeping it elastic while protecting the skin against pollutants. Our face cream formulation are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. They keep the moisture locked in your skin but they don’t block the pores.

Face Serum

Face serum improves dry and dull skin, leaving it soft, firm, and young-looking. They are applied after facial creams. Serums contain small molecules with high-level of nutrients that deeply penetrate the skin. Regular use eliminates fine lines and other signs of aging. TY OEM serums come in gel, lotion, or cream forms.

Facial Mask

Facial masks are applied before you put toner, moisturizer, serum, and lip balm on your skin. They come in different textures and have different purposes. They can be in the form of cream, gel, clay, exfoliating beads, or hydrogel. They can moisturize, hydrate, exfoliate, or repair your skin. At TY OEM, we have a wide range of mask formulations for your brand.

Sheet Mask

Face sheet masks are convenient, disposable, and filled with highly-concentrated serum that provides the necessary nutrients the skin needs. They are highly absorbent and can also be used on your arms, neck, and legs. TY OEM’s sheet masks are made from different materials like cotton and silk.

Face Scrub

Face scrubs primarily exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells while protecting and moisturizing your face. Scrub particles are made from plants like apricot, apple, coffee, oats, and papaya. They contain lipids and vitamins that keep the skin healthy and smooth.

Skincare Kit

Skincare kits contain the complete skincare set, including facial wash, moisturizer, masks, toner, scrubs, serum, and more. We have skincare sets for skin whitening/brightening, anti-aging, skin repair, hydration, and more.

Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is prone to fine lines and wrinkles, so they require a certain formulation to fight these signs of aging. The sun’s rays can also damage that skin area. It is also sensitive that is why it requires a special formulation that will not irritate the eye area but is very effective in protecting it. TY OEM’s special eye care formulation protects, moisturizes, and removes the dark circles around the eye area.

Lip Care

The skin on your lips is fragile and sensitive. When exposed to harsh elements like cold or hot weather, the skin can break or chap. That is why it needs to be hydrated and moisturized regularly to prevent damage. Our lip care includes scrubs, balms, and creams that are specially formulated to protect the lips and make them look healthier.

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TY OEM Cosmetic's Production Process

We provide free samples to help you build your skincare brand

We Can

  • Process your products using your brand
  • Use your samples to process
  • Process your products according to your formulation
  • Process your products using your raw materials
  • Help you with labeling and packaging
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Why Choose TY OEM as Your Private Label/OEM Partner

Hassle -Free

We have thousand of formulations for a wide range of skincare products. We have an experienced workforce that can produce hundreds of thousands of products every year. We take care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on building your brand and establishing your sales channels.

Quality Management

We have an R&D department with some of the most talented beauty and skin scientists who are dedicated to excellence and innovation. These department is also responsible for daily inspection of items that have been produced.

Rigorous Production Process

TY OEM ensures that every step of the production process is carefully managed and inspected using detailed Standard Operating Procedures. We have put product inspection standards in place to make sure quality requirements have been complied.

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