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OEM & Private Label Your Own Makeup Remover

TY OEM Cosmetic has a variety of gentle and non-irritating makeup remover formulas that effectively melt away all traces of makeup.

2 Basic cleaning principles of makeup remover

Oil soluble in oil (oil phase)

Oil cannot be melted in water, but it can be intermixed with other oils with similar chemical structure composition, usually a combination of grease + emulsifier. Oil can easily dissolve oil-soluble makeup and excess oil on the face, and emulsifiers can fuse oil with water, which can be rinsed off with water.

Features: It turns white instantly when it meets water, and requires a little massage to accelerate emulsification, and the degree of emulsification affects the effect of makeup removal. Oil is not easy to rinse off, or risk of disease; natural vegetable oil added ingredients are gentler and more friendly to skin.

Surfactants (aqueous phase)

Surfactant not only dissolves in water, but also dissolves oil and has both hydrophilic and lipophilic properties. By forming a structure of micelles during cleaning, the lipophilic end quickly wraps small particles of makeup and oil, reducing the surface tension between the original oil (grease) and the skin, and the micelles wrapped with oil will be washed away with water and detached from the skin.

Features: The more surface living ingredients, the stronger the makeup remover, and it needs to be wiped with the help of makeup remover cotton. However, long-term over-cleaning can damage the skin barrier function and make it easily sensitive.

We offer different types of makeup remover for private labeling

Micellar Water

Micellar water removes dirt and oil from the skin through water + surfactants and physical friction to achieve fast makeup removal.

Disadvantages: Compared to makeup remover gel, makeup remover micellar water has a weaker effect on removing makeup. It is only suitable for water-soluble makeup, barrier creams, foundations and other products, and heavy makeup needs to be removed several times.

How to use: Moisten a cotton pad with micellar makeup remover, apply it to the makeup and leave it on for about 15-30 seconds, then wipe it clean with a cotton pad; remove eye makeup and lip makeup first, then remove the face base makeup.

Suitable for: all types of skin, recommended for oily, combination, easily sensitive skin, daily light makeup.

Recommended ingredients: amino acids, Centella asiatica, hyaluronic acid, tea tree, etc.

Oil Makeup Remover

Oil makeup remover is made by emulsifying a large amount of oily substances + surfactants with oily substances to disperse or melt heavy makeup cosmetics, and finally rinsing with water is enough.

Disadvantages: mineral oil-based, easy to have a greasy feeling; when the emulsification is not complete, it is easy to cause clogging of pores; high cost of the formula.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover oil with dry hands, apply it evenly on dry face in a circular motion, massage it slightly to fully dissolve makeup dirt, then add a small amount of water and continue to emulsify in a circular motion until emulsification is complete, then rinse with water.

Suitable for: all types of skin, recommended for MM who draw makeup every day and love to draw thick makeup, oily skin type less use.

Recommended ingredients: rosehip oil, jojoba seed oil, olive oil, squalane, grapeseed oil, etc.

Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup remover is usually a water-oil layered state, double or triple layered. The top layer is oil and the bottom layer is water. It needs to be shaken evenly when used, has good makeup removing power, is relatively mild and needs to be washed.

Disadvantages: It requires high sealing of the packaging, and if the water and oil are not evenly distributed when using, it is easy to have a greasy feeling.

Usage: Moisten a cotton pad, apply to makeup for about 15-30 seconds, then wipe clean.

Application: Eye makeup, lip makeup

Ingredients recommended: amino acids, hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil, enzyme liquid, black tea, etc.

Makeup Remover Cream

Makeup remover cream is a combination of a small amount of oil + surfactant, with more water content and less oil. Makeup removing power depends on the cleansing power of the oil and surfactant, and the texture is relatively thick.

Disadvantages: both mineral oil and cleansing active agent ingredients, the skin has some stimulation, makeup removal power between oil and water

How to use: Apply an appropriate amount of makeup remover/cream to the face and massage it in, then rinse with plenty of water, then cleanse the face with a cleansing product to clean the remaining makeup and makeup remover residue from the face.

Suitable for: all types of skin, recommended for dry, normal skin, light makeup MM.

Ingredients recommended: Astaxanthin, enzyme liquid, cocoa seed, resurrection grass, camellia, peach blossom, etc.

We offer different packaging solutions for custom makeup remover

PET/PETG wide mouth bottle + screw cap

Applicable materials: makeup remover, makeup remover cream

PET/PETG bottle + small hole inner plug

Applicable materials: micellar water, eye and lip make-up remover

PET/PETG bottle + pump head

Applicable materials: make-up remover gel, oil makeup remover

1 Day
990 Pcs
7990 +
2999990 +

TY OEM Cosmetic's Production Process

TY OEM Cosmetic

Our professional and scientific approach to selecting the world's top ingredients makes OEM/Private Label skincare a no-brainer with us!

We are based in science

We have our own R&D laboratory with a professional formula development team; we form marketed products from more than 8,000 mature, safe and effective formulas at our disposal.
We are qualified to obtain all industry authoritative certifications.

We focus on raw materials

We select top quality ingredients from around the world and provide high quality ingredients from independent ingredient manufacturers. We have a long-term cooperation with raw material suppliers, based on the safety standards set by the European Union, we strictly select high-quality raw materials through testing, and control their quality, safety, stability and efficacy from the source.
The purchased raw materials and packaging materials are stored and placed according to industry standards to ensure the quality and safety of the materials, effective and stable.

We value safety

TY OEM Cosmetic’s production workshop environment, built in full accordance with the conditions required for GMP certification, is a 100,000-grade production workshop equipped with RO water treatment system, ozone disinfection system, UV sterilization system and other auxiliary equipment.

Each product must go through:
12 quality tests & 6 production tests before finished. Because of the harshness, it is safer.

12 quality inspection procedures

6 high standard production and testing processes. Responsible for the safety of each bottle of product.

Raw Material → Package Material → First Sample → Semi-Finished Product → Packaging → Finished Products

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