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The Ultimate Guide to OEM/Private label Hair Care Products


Marketing OEM hair care products and looking for a reliable OEM manufacturer to work with nowadays is no longer as challenging as before. OEM products are marketable at present because many consumers find them safer and healthier options as they’re specifically formulated and produced.

Entrepreneurs who want to sell private label hair care products must look for OEM cosmetic/skincare manufacturers that can assure the formulations are customized; the ingredients and concentrations of content are approved for sales and consumption.

One of the most profitable OEM products these days is those related to hair care. As you may already know, hair care plays a vital role not only in the way we look but also in ensuring proper hygiene. Our hair boosts our confidence as it serves as our crowning glory.

Let’s read more about hair care and the value factors to consider when finding a reputable OEM/ODM hair care products manufacturer below!

What are hair care products?

The most common hair product types that consumers look for include shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair masks, hair essential oils, and more.

Nonetheless, since hair care needs constantly change, haircare manufacturers and engineers have invented more versatile hair care items to precisely address various hair problems.

Some of the OEM hair care products produced to date include scalp moisturizers, scalp nutrients, scalp scrubs, scalp ampoules, scalp treatment oils, scalp cleansing gels, scalp serums, and scalp masks.

Like other skincare products, hair care products have evolved and come in a wide range to help people maintain healthy hair.

What are hair care products?

The Significance of Proper Hair Care

Did you know that our hair is considered the dirtiest part of our body? For this reason, it’s essential to wash and treat it regularly and provide it with the best care it needs.

Our hair tends to be dry, neutral, or oily; its condition largely relies on the amount of sebum film it secretes. It’s critical to keep the hair clean by thoroughly washing it as necessary.

Healthy, strong, and glossy hair is not only about physical appearance. Sleek and shiny hair gives us a lighter, healthier, and more confident feeling.

Due to this, we must ensure that we use high-quality, all-natural hair care products that can be our go-to in cleaning and maintaining our hair.

How to properly use shampoo and apply conditioner?


The proper way to shampoo and condition your hair includes the following methods:

• Wet your hair thoroughly.

• Foam a quarter-sized amount of shampoo in your palms. Lather gently and work into your hair roots.

• It’s unnecessary to shampoo the tips of your hair.

• Thoroughly wash all the shampoo off your hair.

• Apply hair conditioner, and make sure that it concentrates on the hair ends.

• Thoroughly wash with cold water.


• Not thoroughly making your hair wet before shampooing

• Using your nails to wash the scalp instead of using your fingertips aggressively

• Directly applying shampoo to your hair

• Washing the hair too often than necessary

• Rinsing with too-hot water

• Conditioning the scalp and not the hair ends

• Not thoroughly washing the shampoo and conditioner off the hair

How to properly use shampoo and apply conditioner?

Care and Maintenance Methods for Different Hair Types

Daily Care Method for Dry Hair 

Avoid washing your hair too frequently. Washing your hair too often can lose its natural oil from the roots, hence, making it dull and dry.

Avoid tying a very high ponytail as this can damage the scalp tissue. Tie your hair as low as possible. Moreover, choose hair care products that are rich in nourishing protein formulations.

Care Method for Sensitive Scalp

UV exposure, sweat, and warm or hot weather conditions cause itchiness and redness on the scalp. Avoid using hair care and hair styling products that are chemical-based; use a plant-derived and gentle product instead.

Avoid scratching your scalp when shampooing; allow the shampoo to sit on your head for a couple of minutes.

Care Methods for Medium and Dry Hair

Treat this type of hair with products specially formulated to balance the hair’s pH levels and scalp. Additionally, go for options with moderate cleansing power.

Meanwhile, use hydrating shampoos to attain excellent results during summer.

Care Methods for Oily Hair 

If you have oily hair, use hair care products with excellent hydrating properties. Some options include products formulated with green tea content and mint factor.

Care and Maintenance Methods for Different Hair Types

When finding the right OEM/ODM hair care products manufacturer, what are the factors to consider?

There are uncountable OEM hair cosmetics near me, but how do I find a suitable OEM/Private label manufacturer to work as my partner?

When searching for one, make sure that you highly consider the following factors:


The quality of the product is what customers look for and care about the most. It should speak about the content/formulation, controlled environment, and quality control of your product.

Your products should be safe for the end-users, free of toxins, and straightforward to market.


This approach calls for keeping an eye on the specifications and details in your packaging. It’s significant to print the must-included info accurately on the container or bottle.


First and foremost, you need to ensure that your chosen OEM/Private label manufacturer is certified. After the manufacturing process, your hair care products require certification by a group of representatives from the manufacturer.

This approach enables your hair care products to exhibit their approved seal on the container for effortless sales and marketing. Your product certification verifies that they are safe and approved for consumption.


Having a private label for hair care products should be listed as one of the top priorities. Essentially, you require packaging that states what your product is all about, and this will represent your brand.

Therefore, your packaging should be eye-catching to your target market.

Minimum of Quantity (MOQ)

This factor depends on your packaging size, so it’s crucial to ask for experience and minimum order regarding stock recipes available for the same products.  

Generally, manufacturers have varied container minimums for various products and product sizes. This method helps you allocate the most excellent quantity correctly.

OEM/ODM hair care products manufacturer

The Advantages of TY Cosmetic

Some of the perks you can enjoy working with a TY Cosmetic include:

• Minimize production expenses and inhibit irrelevant capital investment

• Higher profit margin

• Focus on the research and development of new hair care products to sustain long-established strengths

• As the creator, you have complete control of the production of your products and the prices.

• You can customize or adjust your hair care essentials depending on your customers’ needs.

• No need to pay high labor costs and implement fixed assets investments

• Own the intellectual property rights and trademarks linked to your products and design provided that your register your private label before marketing

Final Thoughts

Now that you learned how profitable OEM hair product is, it’s pointless to waste time not grabbing the opportunity to market this product. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in the business field, know that you can flourish more in your business and reap more profits by working with the right OEM/ODM hair care products manufacturer.

Hopefully, the extensive guide we have shared about the factors to consider when finding a trustworthy OEM/ODM hair care products manufacturer can help you get started in the business and satisfy your end-users with quality products.

The Advantages of TY OEM Cosmetic

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