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Sunscreen Manufacturer

Are you in search for a sunscreen solution tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of your consumers? TY Cosmetic stands as your ideal partner. We specialize in mass production and creating unique formulas, offering a strong manufacturing solution that distinguishes your brand in the competitive skincare market.
Our mission is to empower skincare brands with products that not only protect but also enhance the natural beauty of the skin. As a dedicated manufacturer, we utilize cutting-edge technology and in-depth research to craft sun care solutions that set industry standards. You will gain more than a manufacturer; you will gain a visionary ally in the ever-evolving world of skincare.
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The Sunscreen Market

The global sunscreen market is growing due to rising skin health awareness and UV exposure risks. As of 2023, according to Future Market Insights, the value of the sun care products market stood at an impressive $13.6 billion and a promising estimate of $25.3 billion by 2033. As global consumers become more informed, they want different sunscreens for different skin needs.
Innovations, including sprays, gels, and oils, are setting in motion in the market, with brands prioritizing environmentally-friendly and reef-safe products. TY Cosmetic is at the forefront of this evolution, offering tailored manufacturing and custom formulations to meet these diverse demands. We’re not just part of the market growth; we’re personal crafters of the sun care revolution.

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Product Form of Sunscreen

Sunscreen Lotion

A sunscreen lotion is a lightweight, often easily spreadable liquid or semi-liquid preparation designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. It typically has a consistency that is thicker than oils but thinner than creams. Sunscreen lotions are a popular choice for daily use, covering large areas of the body, and providing hydration and sun protection for various skin types.

Sunscreen Cream

A sunscreen cream has a thicker consistency than lotion, offering a richer and more moisturizing feel. Due to its density, it guarantees longer-lasting protection, especially for drier skin types. It is well-suited for the face and areas that require more intensive moisture and protection. Every application is a step towards nurturing well-protected and hydrated skin.

Sunscreen Spray

This is a liquid sun block in a spray bottle, offering quick and easy application, especially for hard-to-reach areas. The mist ensures an even distribution, leaving a non-greasy layer of protection against harmful UV rays. TY Cosmetic has harnessed this convenience with advanced formulations to ensure broad-spectrum coverage. Given their non-greasy finish, they’re a favorite for those seeking quick re-application during outdoor activities.

Sunscreen Gel

Gels are clear, often cooling formulations that are quickly absorbed into the skin. Sunscreen gels are less greasy than creams or lotions and can be preferred for oily or acne-prone skin. The gel formula’s cooling properties make it ideal for individuals living in humid climates, ensuring a matte look and effective sun protection. They are also favored for use in hairy areas, like the scalp or chest.

Sunscreen Oil

Distinct from other forms, sunscreen oils provide a dual benefit of sun protection and skin nourishment. It’s light and feels luxurious, giving the skin a radiant glow while shielding it from harmful sun exposure. Being rich in moisturizing agents, they’re especially suitable for individuals with normal to dry skin.

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For Different Skin Types

Sunscreen for Oily Skin

Sunscreens tailored for oily skin are lightweight and help control oil production. They have non-clogging ingredients, they provide effective UV protection without contributing to excess oiliness, ensuring a matte finish. This is the secret to staying protected while preventing that shiny look.

Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

Crafted for delicate skin profiles, these sunscreens omit potential irritants. They’re often free from fragrances, parabens, and other allergens, focusing solely on hypoallergenic ingredients that grant gentle yet strong sun protection.

Sunscreen for Dry Skin

Sunscreens tailored for dry skin are enriched with potent moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Their creamy consistency not only guards against UV rays but also ensures the skin remains hydrated throughout the day, addressing both protection and nourishment, providing dual benefits.

Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin

For those with acne-prone skin, sunscreens are crafted with a specific goal: to protect without causing breakouts. These formulations contain ingredients that combat inflammation and reduce redness. They ensure sun protection without the risk of clogging pores, striking a balance between shielding and skincare.

Sunscreen for Brown Skin

Brown skin, rich in melanin, requires unique sun care solutions. TY Cosmetic formulates sunscreens for brown skin to eliminate the chances of a white cast or ashiness. These sunscreens ensure an even blend and also combat UV-induced hyperpigmentation.

How Sunscreen is Made

Step#1 Ingredients Selection

The sunscreen manufacturing process begins with the precise selection of active and inactive ingredients. This foundational step ensures the product achieves the desired SPF rating while providing comprehensive protection against UVA and UVB rays. The integrity of the sunscreen heavily depends on the quality and combination of these chosen ingredients.

Step#2 Mixing and Blending

Once the ingredients are sourced, they are subjected to a meticulous mixing and blending process using a specialized equipment. This guarantees that the product has a uniform texture, which helps enhance its protective qualities. Achieving a uniform blend is crucial for maintaining the product’s sun-blocking efficacy and overall stability.

Step#3 Quality Testing

Following the blending phase, the product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing. Here, its SPF rating is validated, and its consistency and stability are examined. This step is crucial to confirm that the sunscreen aligns with its advertised protection levels and is safe for consumer use.

Step#4 Packaging

The final step involves packaging the product using advanced packaging machines to fill airtight containers with the finished sunscreen product. These machines ensure precise amounts are filled, preserving sunscreen’s efficacy and maximizing shelf life. TY Cosmetic utilizes cutting-edge technology, emphasizing both quality and efficiency in its manufacturing services.

Formulas of Sunscreen

Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as physical barriers against the sun’s rays, reflecting UV radiation. Some formulas include added aloe vera, antioxidants, and silicones for a smoother application. They’re a top choice for sensitive skin due to their reduced irritation potential. TY Cosmetic excels in creating mineral-based formulas, providing premium sun protection for sensitive skin.

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

Zinc oxide sunscreen is centered around zinc oxide, a mineral component known for its broad-spectrum coverage, protecting against a wide range of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Formulations might also blend in skin-soothing ingredients such as botanical extracts to enhance the skin’s comfort and mitigate any potential irritation from the sun.

Oil-Free Sunscreen

Oil-Free Sunscreen is designed to offer sun protection without contributing to a greasy feel, making it an ideal choice for those with oily or acne-prone skin. These formulations might employ a variety of UV filters but do not contain any oils. They can include substances like silica, which helps absorb excess skin oil, leaving a matte finish.

Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen

These sunscreen relies on titanium dioxide as its active ingredient. This mineral provides a shield against UV rays and is often found in products aimed at sensitive skin types due to its gentle nature. Additional ingredients can include moisturizers to prevent skin from drying out and silicones to improve the product’s spreadability.

Retinol Sunscreen

Retinol sunscreen uniquely combines sun protection with the anti-aging benefits of retinol, a form of Vitamin A. Such sunscreens not only defend the skin against harmful rays but also work to enhance skin texture and reduce signs of aging. They typically contain antioxidants like Vitamins E and C, which support skin health and help stabilize the retinol.

Iron Oxide Sunscreen

Iron oxide sunscreen incorporates iron oxides, which offer added protection against visible light, making these formulations particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with melasma or hyperpigmentation. These sunscreens may still include other UV filters for a broad range of protection and often contain moisturizing agents, ensuring the skin remains hydrated and the product applies evenly.

Unscented Sunscreen

Unscented Sunscreen is crafted for those with sensitive skin or allergies to fragrance. Such products exclude any form of fragrance to minimize the risk of irritation, providing a pure sun protection solution. They’re frequently infused with calming ingredients like bisabolol or niacinamide, catering to the needs of reactive skin types while safeguarding against UV rays.

Function of Sunscreen

Tanning Sunscreen

Tanning sunscreens serve a dual purpose. They shield the skin from harmful UV rays while promoting a natural, even tan. Formulated with ingredients that enhance the skin’s tanning response to sunlight, these sunscreens ensure a beautiful tan without compromising skin safety.

Whitening Sunscreen

Whitening sunscreens are designed to protect while offering skin-lightening benefits. Packed with ingredients that reduce melanin, they help in achieving a brighter complexion. Their dual-action formula ensures protection against sun-related dark spots while promoting an even skin tone.

Anti-Aging Sunscreen

Anti-aging sunscreens combine sun protection with age-defying ingredients like antioxidants and skin repair elements to combat signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots. They shield from UV rays and rejuvenate the skin for a youthful, radiant appearance. TY Cosmetic offers a range of these specialized sunscreens, ensuring optimal protection combined with skin-enhancing benefits.

Tinted Sunscreen

Tinted sunscreen provides dual functionality: it offers protection against harmful UV rays while also delivering a hint of color to even out and enhance the skin’s appearance. It’s ideal for those desiring light makeup with strong sun protection.

Hand Sunscreen

Hands, constantly exposed to environmental elements, require dedicated protection. Hand sunscreens offer protection from UV rays and often contain moisturizers, keeping hands soft, youthful, and shielded from signs of aging caused by the sun.

Degree of Sunscreen

SPF 50 Sunscreen

SPF 50 sunscreens are designed for high-intensity sun exposure, ensuring robust protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Formulated to block approximately 98% of UVB rays, they are particularly suitable for activities like beach visits or mountain hiking. Prolonged outdoor activities or fair-skinned individuals can particularly benefit from this degree of protection.

SPF 30 Sunscreen

SPF 30 sunscreens strike a balance between protection and wearability, blocking about 97% of UVB rays. They cater to everyday users who seek reliable protection without the intensity of higher SPF products. TY Cosmetic offers a versatile range of SPF 30 sunscreens, ideal for routine outdoor exposure. It’s a popular choice for individuals with medium to olive skin tones or those participating in moderate sun exposure activities.

Types of Sunscreen

Scalp Sunscreen

Incorporating scalp sunscreens is crucial for comprehensive sun protection. The scalp, often overlooked, is vulnerable to UV damage just as facial skin is. These sun creams are formulated to be lightweight and non-greasy, ensuring hair remains fresh while the scalp gets the protection it requires.

Sun Protection for Face

Facial sunscreens are crafted with a specialized formula to cater to the delicate skin of the face. They often incorporate added skincare benefits such as hydration and anti-aging properties. With wide-ranging protection, they shield against UVA and UVB rays, preventing premature aging and excessive skin darkening.

Hair Sunscreen

Hair sunscreens play a crucial role in maintaining hair health, especially when exposed to harsh sunlight. They shield hair from UV harm, preserving the color of dyed hair and keeping hair structure strong. Lightweight formulations ensure that hair remains non-greasy and vibrant.

Lip Sunscreen

The skin on the lips is delicate and warrants special attention. Lip sunscreens not only protect against UV rays but also offer hydration, preventing chapping. TY Cosmetic has expertly developed lip sunscreens that perfectly balance protection with hydration. These often come in balms or glosses, ensuring lips stay soft, and protected from sun damage.

Hand Sunscreen

Hands, constantly exposed to environmental elements, require dedicated protection. Hand sunscreens offer protection from UV rays and often contain moisturizers, keeping hands soft, youthful, and shielded from signs of aging caused by the sun.

Special Sunscreen

Waterproof Sunscreen

Waterproof sunscreens are designed specifically for individuals who engage in water activities or sweat a lot. These sunscreens maintain their protective barrier even after being in the water, keeping skin safe from UV rays. Their strong formula sticks to your skin, providing extended protection, but remember to reapply it regularly to keep it effective.

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Pregnancy-safe sunscreens cater to expectant mothers by excluding harmful chemicals and irritants. They provide strong protection while ensuring safety for both the mother and the unborn child, offering peace of mind. TY Cosmetic recognizes these unique needs, offering expertly formulated sun protection for mothers-to-be.

Creating Your Own Private Label Sunscreen Product Line Has Never Been This Easy

4 Reasons to Choose TY Cosmetic as Your Private Label/OEM Partner

1. Hassle-Free

We provide one-stop professional OEM service solutions from formulation customization to packaging design and production. We take care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on building your brand and establishing your sales channels.

2. Quality Management

All of our products are manufactured in a 100,000-grade clean room built to international GMPC standards. We have a team of experienced and professional and strict staff to carry out daily inspection of the items that have been produced.

3. Rigorous Production Process

TY Cosmetic ensures that every step of the production process is carefully managed and inspected using detailed Standard Operating Procedures. We have put product inspection standards in place to make sure quality requirements have been complied.

4. Experienced R&D Team

Our experts in OEM Cosmetics & Skincare Research team are the essential foundation to make your success. We have thousand of formulations for a wide range of skincare products. Learn more about this team and other teams.

Raw Material Sources

Your products are produced by the raw material from our proud partners below:

Effective Production Process of Your Cosmetic/Skincare OEM

We believe quality is always the key to success, which includes a responsible approach to manufacturing, and controlling whole process.

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5 Considerations When Operating Sunscreen Business

Table of Contents

#1 Market Research

The sunscreen industry, including facial products, is shifting towards eco-friendly, inclusive formulas that cater to diverse skin tones, with multitasking products offering added skincare benefits. Understanding your target audience is vital for sunscreen success. Customizing products for specific needs, such as high SPF or sensitive skin, enhances market appeal and loyalty.
A successful sunscreen brand recognizes the value of staying informed about its competition. Being aware of competitors’ formulations, pricing, and marketing strategies is essential because it can reveal market gaps, inspire innovation, and refine your unique selling points. For instance, regularly conducting SWOT analyses can also ensure brands remain flexible and responsive to industry shifts.

#2 Regulatory Compliance

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established clear guidelines for the sunscreen industry. These regulations pertain to ingredient safety, product efficacy, labeling, and advertising claims. For instance, products claiming broad-spectrum protection must pass FDA-defined tests. Proper adherence ensures consumer trust and avoids potential legal pitfalls.
If considering global expansion, it’s essential to understand the regulatory landscape of targeted countries. Each region might have its unique requirements concerning ingredients, testing, and labeling. Brands need to be prepared to adapt their formulations and marketing strategies to ensure compliance with diverse international standards.

#3 Branding and Marketing

A compelling brand identity is more than just a catchy name or logo; it’s about resonating with your target audience. The values, mission, and story of a brand play a significant role in its public perception. Brands that showcase authenticity, transparency, and commitment to customer well-being often enjoy deeper consumer trust and loyalty.
At TY Cosmetic, we’ve refined our marketing blueprint through proven success. Our strategy merges digital marketing, authentic influencer collaborations, and captivating content creation. By aligning with like-minded influencers and producing engaging content, you can expect heightened brand visibility and stronger consumer trust. Adopting this approach can pave the way for sustainable growth and deeper customer relationships.

#4 Scaling and Growth

Anticipating growth is key for any new sunscreen brand. This means having manufacturing processes that can be scaled up seamlessly to meet increasing demand, without compromising on quality. It also entails ensuring the supply chain, from raw material sourcing to distribution, can handle sudden increases in demand efficiently.
The sunscreen industry, like any other, is susceptible to challenges, be it regulatory changes, raw material shortages, or evolving consumer preferences. Implementing risk management strategies, from diversifying suppliers to investing in research and development, can help brands navigate these challenges and remain resilient in changing market conditions.

#5 Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer feedback is a valuable source of insights for brands. Positive reviews can boost a brand’s reputation, while constructive criticism can guide product refinement. Actively asking for feedback, be it through surveys or social media, and showcasing responsiveness to customer concerns not only aids product development but also fosters brand trust.
In a digital age where online reviews significantly influence purchase decisions, managing and capitalizing on this feedback is paramount for any sunscreen brand’s success.

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