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Australia’s Top 6 Sunscreen Manufacturers for Skin Care Brands

Ever wondered who are the top sunscreen manufacturers in Australia trusted by leading skincare brands and salons? The answer lies in the vibrant and innovative world of Australian sunscreen production.

Leveraging extensive industry experience and in-depth market analysis, I provide insights, ensuring you partner with a manufacturer who meets your standards for quality and innovation.

In Australia, sunscreen is essential for skin protection. Reputable sunscreen manufacturers play a critical role in providing effective and reliable sun protection products to the Australian market.

In this guide, we will conduct a detailed exploration of each manufacturer, delving into their unique strengths, technological advancements, and alignment with current trends.

So read on.

1. People4Ocean – Best in Sun Protection

City and Country: Victoria, Australia

Established: 2012

People4Ocean, specializing in mineral sunscreens and recovery gels, is at the forefront of its operations. For instance, their commitment to quality was resoundingly affirmed when they entered their products in the Australian Clean + Conscious Awards, where both the sunscreen and kids sunscreen products were awarded the highest honor, receiving GOLD in each respective category.

Key Products: Mineral Sunscreen and Recovery Gel

Takeaway Note:

For salon and spa owners seeking products recognized for purity and efficacy, People4Ocean offers an award-winning selection that customers can trust. While the products represent the pinnacle in ethical and sustainable sun care, their premium nature may reflect a higher price point compared to conventional options.

2. We Are Feel Good – Best in Outdoor Skin Protection

City and Country: WA, Australia

Established: 2016

Born from a shared passion for the great outdoors, We Are Feel Good Inc. was the brainchild of six adventurers who envisioned a sunscreen that was as kind to the skin as it was to the environment. Through extensive research, development, and meticulous testing, their vision materialized into a brand that embodies the essence of feeling good, both in product experience and environmental consciousness. incare.

Key Products: Sunscreen and Lip Balm

Takeaway Note:

For businesses looking to stock a sunscreen that resonates with the eco-conscious and adventurous spirit, We Are Feel Good Inc. presents an appealing proposition. However, the specificity of their brand story and targeted user experience may not cater to all demographics.

3. Sunbutter Sunscreen – Best in Reef-Safe Sun Protection

City and Country: Victoria, Australia

Established: 2009

Sunbutter Sunscreen originated from a deep desire to protect marine ecosystems from harmful chemical sunscreens. By 2019, they have evolved, launching Australia’s first reef-safe sunscreen in reusable and recyclable tins, and the country’s first vegan surf zinc. All products adhere to Australia’s rigorous sunscreen standards, ensuring safety and efficacy.

Key Products: Reef Safe Sunscreen and Hair Serum

Takeaway Note:

Sunbutter Sunscreen is ideal for businesses looking to offer environmentally conscious and high-quality sun protection products. However, the niche focus on reef safety and natural ingredients may come at a premium cost, which could be a consideration for price-sensitive markets.

4. Noosa Naturals – Best in Organic Sun Care

City and Country: Queensland, Australia

Established: 2008

Noosa Naturals embodies the company’s ethos of delivering high-quality, environmentally respectful products. For instance, each product is a blend of minimal, skin-nourishing ingredients, ensuring safety and effectiveness. Committed to ethical standards, all products are Certified Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free, Organic, and Reef Safe, offering broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and complying with the highest TGA standards.

Key Products: Glow Getter Sunscreen and Sun Visor Sunscreen

Takeaway Note:

Noosa Naturals is an ideal choice for businesses seeking organic, environmentally friendly sunscreen options that do not compromise on quality. However, the focus on small-batch production might limit the availability of these products for larger scale commercial needs.

5. Blue Lizard – Best in Dermatologist-Recommended Sun Care

City and Country: Australia

Established: 1998

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen emerged from Australia’s intense UV climate. The brand prides itself on its commitment to skin safety, offering mineral and mineral-based sunscreens designed for user-friendly application and reliable protection. Embodying a balance of fun and function, their products are a testament to their passion for safeguarding skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

Key Products: Sunscreen and Lotion

Takeaway Note:

Blue Lizard is an exceptional choice for businesses seeking dermatologist-recommended sun care products known for their efficacy. However, the brand’s transition from medical exclusivity to broader commercial availability may impact its perceived exclusivity in the market.

6. Naked Sundays – Innovators in Vegan Sun Care

City and Country: New South Wales, Australia

Established: 2021

Naked Sundays is committed to vegan-friendly, cruelty-free products without oxybenzone, octinoxate, or any harmful additives. With formulations crafted in TGA-listed labs, they ensure each batch meets Australia’s stringent SPF regulations. Their approach to SPF is fresh and innovative, making sunscreen an enjoyable part of daily self-care.

Key Products: Sunscreen and Balm Sticks

Takeaway Note:

Naked Sundays is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to offer innovative, health-conscious sun care products with a modern twist. However, being a relatively new player in the market might mean a shorter track record compared to more established brands.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sunscreen Manufacturer in Australia

According to Statista, in Australia, the revenue generated in the Sun Protection market in 2023 amounts to US$258.60m. Here are three specific tips to steer your business in the right direction:

  • 100% Commitment to Safety Standards: A reputable manufacturer should boast rigorous certifications and adhere to stringent safety standards. This ensures that the products you offer to your clients meet the highest level of industry compliance, reflecting on your brand’s commitment to quality.
  • Assess Their Commitment to Sustainability: Choose a manufacturer who strongly focuses on sustainability in this environmentally conscious era, according to Teorra. Their practices should align with your brand’s dedication to environmental stewardship, resonating with eco-conscious consumers.

Here’s a table that outlines the importance of assessing a manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability:

AspectDescriptionImpact on Brand and Consumers
Sustainability FocusThe degree to which a manufacturer prioritizes sustainable practices.Reflects the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
Environmental StewardshipPractices that minimize environmental impact, such as reducing waste, using renewable energy, and efficient resource management.Enhances brand reputation and appeals to eco-conscious consumers.
Alignment with Brand ValuesEnsuring the manufacturer’s practices resonate with the brand’s sustainability goals.Strengthens brand identity and trust among consumers who prioritize environmental values.
Consumer ResonanceAttracting consumers who are environmentally aware and value sustainable practices.Expands the customer base by aligning with the values of a growing segment of eco-conscious consumers.
  • Transparency in Sourcing Information: According to The Good Boutique, the quality of ingredients used in sunscreen is a pillar of product efficacy. Opt for manufacturers that provide transparent sourcing information, elevating trust in your brand and ensuring client satisfaction with the end product.

Struggling to Find a Trusted Sunscreen Manufacturer in Australia?

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Navigating the ocean of private label face serum and sunscreen manufacturers is no small feat, but this guide aims to serve as your compass, pointing you toward informed decisions that can elevate your skincare brand.

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