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Grooming For Men: The Best Private Label Skin And Hair Care Products

In 2021, the global male grooming products market rose to USD 74.5 billion. It will increase at a CAGR of 6.5% between 2022 and 2027. The report also stated that by 2027, the market would reach US$ 108.7 billion.

With this rate, men’s grooming and skincare for men become an in-demand products. That is why this market emphasizes face products, clothing, beauty treatments, etc. Are you interested in knowing more about how you can use this product’s private label? Read on!

What is men’s grooming?

Men’s grooming is defined as how men take care of themselves. They practice this concept by paying attention to their clothing, improving their appearance, and keeping themselves clean. That is why they incorporate a men’s skincare routine using suitable products.

Why are skin and hair care products essential for men’s skincare routine?

Men’s skin and hair care products played a significant role in their appearances. These products are hydrating, moisturizing, and full of considerable benefits. It also keeps the skin in excellent condition to prevent acne, aging, and wrinkles. Men also must take care of their skin. Without using these essential products, there would be nothing that can boost these benefits.

The Five Men’s Grooming Trends to Watch Out For

With the growth of the men’s grooming industry, there are also new trends that are emerging. The following are the top 5 trends that you should watch out for:

Products that are Simple, Clean, and Suitable

Private label grooming and ​​skincare for men should take importance on simplicity, cleanness, and ease of use. These three cannot be taken for granted since they will be the selling point of your product. Men are more attracted to buying products that they are familiar with. For instance, they see ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin C, and charcoal for shaving creams.  

Natural and Organic Claims

Men consumers prefer to buy men’s grooming and skincare products that are natural, non-toxic, and organic. If you want to gain high profit and stand out in this market, ensure to select natural ingredients. You should also advertise your products free from chemically synthesized and questionable ingredients.

Anti-aging and Moisturizing

Men have evolved when it comes to taking care of their skin. They have incorporated a men’s skincare routine that opens doors for numerous products. If you want to characterize your brand from others, you can offer skin-evening and blemish-masking products. You can also focus your product benefits on combating the signs of aging and deep moisturization.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and wellness are two trends that can take a giant leap in profit. You can buy private label products, for instance, personal care products meant to be used after the gym. One thing is for sure; you can take advantage of this when you focus on the hero ingredients, timely items, time-saving, and ease of use.

Products with Multiple Applications

Men like simple things, so they look for a product to make their lives easier. If you are interested in private label men’s skin care products, choose one suitable for multiple applications. An example would be a bear kit hydrating oil that can also be used as a beard growth serum.

Must-Have Products for Men’s Grooming Routine

There are different kinds of men’s grooming products that you can choose from if you want a private label. You have unlimited options depending on what product line you want to start with. We have detailed some of the best products you can look out for!

Hair Care

Hair care is critical for men. It makes their appearances different and unique. That is why theory requires men’s grooming products that they can use for their hair, such as:

Hair Shampoo

Men should wash their hair at least 2 to 3 days a week. When they do, they must use men’s shampoo that will trap the sebum and dandruff the hair produces. The shampoo should also be made of natural ingredients and must eliminate other dirt in your hair.

Hair Conditioner

Applying conditioner is part of the routine of men when they shower. This product will significantly help repair hair’s damage and roughness by smoothing out the strands.

Hair Oils

Hair oil is one of the men’s grooming products that is poured and massaged into the scalp. Since men’s hair are also prone to damage, hair oils replenish the vitamins and minerals that are washed away when showering.  

Hair Mask

The purpose of hair masks for men is to treat and repair damaged hair. There are men whose hair is damaged due to colors and other external factors. To target their hair issues, they must use hair masks that can hydrate, nourish, improve, and strengthen their hair.

Hair Styling Product

Men use different hair styling products to make their hair appear neat and stylish. These products are brush, hair wax, hair spray, pomade, etc.

Skin Care

Men also must take care of their skin. That is why men’s skincare routines have been widely used. This routine will not happen if there aren’t any skin products, such as the following.

Face Cleanser

Most men in their 20s need products to keep their skin healthy and nourished. Their skin will be much oilier and prone to damage, so washing it 2x a day will keep it in good condition.


A toner is also helpful to balance out the skin when it is too dry or too oily. Men can maximize toners to dry out oils and instil hydration. Although, men can skip this product in the men’s skincare routine.


The best skin moisturizer will be helpful to rehydrate and moisturize the skin, dehydrated and flaky ones. That is why most dermatologists and skin care specialists recommend moisturizing the face day and night.

Face Cream

Face cream for men is also similar to a moisturizer. The only difference is that it has a thick consistency, so they are perfect for deep hydration.


Regardless of gender, everyone should wear sunscreen. This must-have product protects the skin from harsh UV rays and any damage. Because of its importance, hundreds of private label sunscreens will suit any skin type, especially men.

Eye Bag Cream

Eye bag cream is a big help in treating eye bags, dark circles, puffiness, and redness. The eye area is also twice important, so it needs suitable skin care products to lighten and address the issue.

Lip balm

Men should also apply lip balm when doing their skincare routine. This product ensures it is protected and hydrated before venturing out for the day and exposing your lips to the sun.

Anti-aging Kit

Men are also vulnerable to skin aging, especially if they constantly face external factors like UVA UVB rays. This kit contains products that have anti-aging ingredients like retinol.

Beard Skin Care

Facial hair, especially the beard, is prone to trapping dirt, oil, and debris, resulting in acne and clogged pores. In order to prevent this from happening, beard skin care products are a must.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is a moisturizing product that men can apply in their skincare routine after washing their faces. This product functions to keep the hair clean and nourished. It will also help to keep the beard lightweight and not messy.

Beard Wax

One of the styling tools men use for their beards is this beard wax. Beard wax is made of beeswax, protecting the skin from external conditions. It also helps the skin to have a stronghold in different styles.

Beard Wash

The primary purpose of beard wash is to cleanse the facial hair from the roots. This product is also helpful to smoothen out and make the beard shinier.

Beard Oil Kit

Beard oil helps moisturize and nourish the hair from the roots. This oil is formulated to keep the facial hair soft, clean, and fuller.

Beard Growth Serum

As the name implies, this product feeds your beard with essential nutrients that will keep the hair growing fast. This product is in the form of serum that will work by activating the hair follicle, leading to stronger roots.

Beard Growth Kit

This beard growth kit is composed of various beard products that will help in the stimulation of new facial hair growth. The hair will snowball through this product while being smooth and healthy.

The Pros of TY Cosmetics In the Men’s Grooming Private Label Skin And Hair Care Products

Starting men’s grooming products through private labeling is one of the best decisions business owners can make. Skincare for men has always been in demand because of how massive their role plays. It is why this section will dwell more profoundly on the proof of TY Cosmetics, especially when it comes to private labels.

Offers High-Quality Private Label Grooming Products

One of the most suitable explanations as to why private label men’s grooming is the most ideal for starting a business is the product itself. A broad range of products is available for men, including skin care, hair products, and even body care. That makes them versatile for product line expansion and formulation.

Has Product Design and Branding Flexibility

Design and branding are the two factors that can make your brand unique. That makes it a requirement to partner with a manufacturer who can assist you with packaging, logo, and branding. TY Cosmetics has a team of professionals who will guide you in putting your ideas to life!

Testing and Compliance

As much as focusing on men’s grooming formulation is concerned, it needs to undergo tests to the highest standards. It will be possible for a manufacturer like TY Cosmetics, which has state-of-the-art testing facilities.

Has an Option for Low MOQs

Obtaining skincare for men’s products in low MOQ is a must for a start-up company. Manufacturers will set an MOQ; for instance, the lowest TY Cosmetic can accommodate is 1000 pcs per order. The good thing is that they are open to negotiations and other possible deals.

Holds a Short Lead Times

Once everything is settled, from payments to products, the manufacturer will start the production of your chosen men’s grooming products. At most, the finished product will be less than 30 days. Depending on the formulation, products, and customization, you can get your products in 10 to 20 days.

Shipping Worldwide

Manufacturers can ship your products to your locations. Although, you also have the option to arrange the shipping yourself. Most manufacturers have partner couriers that cater to private label men’s grooming products. Shipping costs and arrival time will also depend on your location.

Flexible Production

OEM & private label skincare manufacturers like TY Cosmetic have production facilities ready to handle any workload. They also have cutting-edge facilities and technologies. They can support large orders, customized products, and even quality testing.

Top Buyer Security and Convenience

Private labeling your men’s grooming or skincare for men’s products is easy and fast. You can order through a manufacturer’s website or any B2B platform. They also have a bury security that will safeguard your info and transactions.

FAQs When Starting Private Label Skin And Hair Care Products

If you have more questions in mind, this section has added information for you!

Why is it a good business strategy to target men?

One of the evolutions in today’s time is for men to have their own men skincare routine. More and more men are engaged in finding good skincare for men and men’s grooming items. That means you should always take into account that men are a commercially viable market. For this reason, TY Cosmetics put out the best products that will suit the taste of men.

How do these men’s grooming products work effectively?

There are different men’s grooming products that every business owner can start to private label. As we have noted above, you can choose to begin with a specific niche—say, skincare for men. Then, you can expand to hair care, body care, etc.

You can note that for your products to work, look for a manufacturer specializing in this field. For instance, TY Cosmetic has been producing a wide range of grooming and skincare for men. We can provide unique formulations, packaging, and ingredients.

How does private label men’s grooming work?

Private label men’s grooming products will work when you relate the products to what the men need. Remember, men are impatient, so they prefer to buy products that do their job. When you work with your manufacturer, emphasize the effect and evidence that it works.

Wrapping Up

When starting a business, especially in the skincare and cosmetic industry, men are not the first target market option. They are challenging to reach and entice. If you want to start a business through private label men’s grooming products, focus on what the men need.

If you need a partner to make this happen, TY Cosmetics can be your partner. We have a broad range of product lines from skincare, hair products, body care, and more. We also have brilliant business consultants, state-of-the-art facilities, and top services at the most affordable price. Ready to start your own men’s skincare business? You can contact us now!

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