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Top 7 Wholesale Sunscreen Product Manufacturers

Wondering which sunscreen manufacturer can elevate your brand to the next level? The right partner can make all the difference.

With extensive experience in the cosmetics and skincare industry, my recommendations are built on thorough research and expertise.

After evaluating numerous sunscreen manufacturers, TY Cosmetic emerged as the top option for businesses seeking quality and innovation in wholesale sunscreen products.

In this review, we’ll explore the 7 leading wholesale sunscreen manufacturers, focusing on their strengths and what sets them apart in the market. You’ll gain insights to make an informed decision for your brand.

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1. Banana Boat – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: USA, Florida

Established Date: 1976

Banana Boat has transformed sun care into a pleasurable experience. They are created to provide an effective, non-greasy sunscreen, the brand quickly became synonymous with fun, outdoor protection. And you know what? They’ve kept it up, steering clear of oxybenzone and octinoxate, which makes them a big hit with families looking to have a good time outdoors without worry.

Key Products: Sunscreen Lotion and Sunscreen Spray

Take Away Note:

Banana Boat is ideal for businesses looking for partners offering products that combine high-quality sun protection with a fun branding approach. However, their focus on playful and family-friendly products might not align with brands targeting a more serious or minimalist aesthetic.

2. Coola – Best for Innovation

Country & City: California, Encinitas

Established Date: 2010

Coola stands at the forefront of suncare innovation, emphasizing organic ingredients and reef safety. With formulas packed with more than 70% organic stuff, they’re all about being kind to your client’s skin and the planet. The brand is committed to environmental stewardship, constantly updating its products to meet evolving reef safety standards.

Key Products: Sunscreen Lotion and Mineral Sunscreen

Take Away Note:

Coola is the perfect partner for eco-conscious brands and innovators looking for organic and reef-safe products that appeal to a modern audience. However, the premium nature of organic ingredients might pose a budget constraint for startups or cost-sensitive brands.

3. TY Cosmetic – Best for Overall

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 2009

TY Cosmetic has rapidly become a leader in the OEM and ODM cosmetics manufacturing industry. Running 3 factories and a lab full of brainy R&D staff, they’re all in on delivering top-notch quality and making their clients happy. The company has supported over 2000 brand clients worldwide, offering end-to-end solutions for private-label brands, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and high-quality made-in-China products.

Key Products: Sunscreen Cream and Sunscreen Spray

Take Away Note:

TY Cosmetic is the go-to manufacturer for businesses seeking comprehensive and high-quality skincare solutions. Their expertise and capacity to support brand growth make them an excellent partner for a wide range of clients.

4. La Roche-Posay – Best in Dermatological Expertise

Country & City: France, Poitou-Charentes

Established Date: 1975

La Roche-Posay is recognized for its exceptional dermatological expertise, partnering with dermatologists worldwide. The brand’s dedication to precision and efficacy is evident in its formulation charter, which exceeds international cosmetics regulations. And at the heart of it all? They’re all about making life better with their top-notch skincare, sharing some pretty touching stories from people who’ve seen the changes.

Key Products: Face Moisturizer and Sunscreen Milk

Take Away Note:

La Roche-Posay is the perfect match for businesses prioritizing scientifically-backed and dermatologist-tested skincare. However, their focus on advanced dermatological solutions may not suit brands looking for a broader and less specialized product range.

5. Supergoop – Best in Eco-Friendly Innovation

Country & City: Texas, San Antonio

Established Date: 2007

Supergoop has championed cruelty-free and eco-friendly sunscreen formulations. The brand emphasizes education and innovation in sun care, pioneering the “Ounce by Ounce” program. This whole journey shows just how much they care about keeping both people and the planet healthy.

Key Products: Sunscreen and Makeup

Take Away Note:

Supergoop is ideal for brands championing sustainability and innovative sun care solutions. However, their focus on eco-friendly practices and unique formulations may not align with brands looking for more traditional or lower-cost options.

6. Babo Botanicals – Best in Natural Care for Families

Country & City: United States, Scarsdale

Established Date: 2010

Babo Botanicals embodies the philosophy of living in harmony with nature, with a strong emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices. The company’s commitment to safety and the environment is matched by its dedication to providing allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested products. It’s the little and big things they do that make a real difference to the world around us.

Key Products: Shampoo and Sunscreen

Take Away Note:

Babo Botanicals aligns perfectly with businesses focused on natural and safe skincare for families. However, their specialized approach to family care might not meet the needs of brands targeting a different demographic or seeking a more general product line.

7. Suntegrity Skincare – Best in Personal Touch Sun Care

Country & City: USA, Las Vegas

Established Date: 2010

Suntegrity Skincare was founded to offer a safer alternative to conventional sunscreens. The brand’s mission, deeply rooted in the memory of lost loved ones, drives its dedication to creating non-toxic sun care products. They showcase a commitment to health and safety, by choosing physical block ingredients. It’s all about protecting their client’s customers in the most caring way possible.

Key Products: Sunscreen and Power Mists

Take Away Note:

Suntegrity Skincare is best suited for brands looking for heartfelt and health-conscious sun protection. However, brands seeking a wider range of skincare options beyond sun care might find this offering less attractive.

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Wholesale Sunscreen Manufacturer

Strait Research predicts the sun care products market will reach $15.37 billion by 2031. This underscores the importance of partnering with the right wholesale sunscreen manufacturer. Here are the tips to guide you in making the best choice:

  • Transparency in Ingredient Sourcing: Talking about where things come from, being clear on where ingredients are sourced is super important. Manufacturers should be open about their supply chain, ensuring ingredients are ethically and sustainably obtained.

Here’s a table highlighting the benefits of choosing manufacturers that prioritize transparency in ingredient sourcing:

Supply Chain TransparencyOpenness about where and how ingredients are sourced, including the origins and extraction methods.Builds confidence among consumers who value ethical practices.
Ethical SourcingCommitment to obtaining ingredients in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible.Enhances the brand’s image and appeal by aligning with ethical standards.
Sustainable PracticesUse of sourcing methods that minimize environmental impact and support long-term ecological balance.Demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, attracting like-minded consumers.
Regulatory ComplianceAdherence to international standards and regulations concerning fair labor and sustainable production.Reduces the risk of non-compliance with global trade and labor laws.
Detailed Ingredient InformationProviding consumers with comprehensive details about the ingredients used in products.Enables consumers to make choices based on their personal values and preferences.
  • 2-Week Turnaround Time: Opt for a manufacturer known for quick turnaround times on large orders. As an example, a fast production cycle lets you meet demand without excessive lead times, keeping your inventory flow smooth.
  • White-label Options for Branding: Look for a manufacturer that provides white-label options. This allows you to sell sunscreen under your brand, offering a quick way to expand your product line with minimal investment.
  • Sample Testing Policy: Choose a manufacturer that allows for sample testing before placing bulk orders. For example, requesting samples of various SPF levels in sunscreen can help you determine the most popular options for your wholesale purchase.

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Negotiating the world of wholesale sunscreen manufacturers can feel like a maze, but TY Cosmetic shines bright as a light for brands looking to make their mark. With our focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we stand out in the crowd. Our commitment to delivering exceptional products made for every need certifies your brand is always in good hands.

Wrapping up, this guide aims to arm business owners with the knowledge to pick a partner that aligns with their vision and values. TY Cosmetic not only fits the bill but elevates it, offering a partnership that grows with you. Feel free to contact us and let’s create something amazing together.

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