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Which Makeup Brands Are Halal?

Are you searching for halal makeup brands for your business? Numerous reputable cosmetics brands are catering to this growing demand by ensuring their products are halal-certified.

With years of expertise in beauty industry trends and consumer insights, our analysis provides a reliable foundation for businesses aiming to expand or refine their product offerings.

In this guide, we’ll explore a comprehensive list of halal-certified makeup brands that are making waves in the industry and discuss how they maintain their standards to enhance product quality and appeal.

So dive in to discover your perfect halal partner!

1. Understanding Halal Certification for Makeups

Halal certification for makeup signifies that the products comply with Islamic law, focusing primarily on cleanliness, health, and ethical considerations. And the best part is, these products are not only permissible for Muslim consumers but are also appealing to anyone interested in ethical cosmetics.

The certification process involves rigorous inspections and audits to ensure that the products contain no prohibited substances like alcohol and pork derivatives. This guarantees that the products are pure, safe, and ethical, making them a reliable choice for conscious consumers.

2. Criteria for Makeup Brands Being Halal

Building on the understanding of halal certification, it’s essential to recognize the specific criteria that makeup brands must meet to be considered halal. Here are the key standards they need to follow:

Ingredient Integrity

Halal makeup brands must strictly use ingredients that comply with Islamic law. This means all components must be free from alcohol, pork products, or any of their derivatives. Brands must verify the source and purity of every ingredient to ensure they meet these standards.

Production Process

The facilities where makeup is produced must also adhere to halal guidelines. This involves maintaining a clean and contamination-free environment to prevent any cross-contamination with non-halal substances.

Ethical Practices

Halal certification also looks at the ethical aspect of manufacturing. This includes fair labor practices and humane treatment of any animals involved in the production process. You don’t want to miss this next part, companies must also ensure that no harm is done to the environment during their operations.


The packaging of halal makeup must not only protect the integrity of the product inside but also be free from contaminants. Materials used for packaging must also be halal-compliant, avoiding substances derived from prohibited sources.

Certification and Compliance

Makeup brands must obtain halal certification from recognized Islamic authorities, such as the Islamic Services of America (ISA) or Halal Certification Services (HCS). These bodies conduct detailed audits of the supply chain and manufacturing processes to ensure strict adherence to halal principles.

3. Top 5 Halal Makeup Brands Overview

Transitioning from the stringent standards of halal certification, we shift our focus to brands that exceed these criteria and stand out in their offerings. Given the expanding market for halal makeup, as reported by Mordor Intelligence, we present detailed overviews of the top 5 halal makeup brands that are shaping this niche:

Sampure Minerals

Sampure Minerals, a family-owned brand from Great Britain, was established in 2009 and swiftly gained recognition with its first product line, Instant Glow. As a halal and vegan & vegetarian certified brand, they emphasize the benefits of mineral-based makeup. Their commitment to quality and strong relationships with distributors has earned them multiple awards.

  • Product Offerings:
    • Mineral foundation
    • Setting powder
    • Blush
    • Nail polish

Inika Organic

Founded in Sydney in 2006, Inika Organic has committed to creating pure, organic beauty products free from toxic chemicals. Remaining 100% Australian-owned, the brand has grown to have a presence in 35 countries, prioritizing natural ingredients that enhance natural radiance and are safe for the skin.

  • Product Offerings:
    • Organic face foundation
    • Natural eyeliner
    • Vegan lip balm
    • Cruelty-free makeup brushes

Tuesday in Love

Canadian-based Tuesday in Love specializes in unique halal certified water permeable nail polish and cosmetics. Their innovative micro-pore technology allows for water permeability, essential for performing wudhu. The company is also socially conscious, donating proceeds to Islamic Relief Canada to support global charitable efforts.

  • Product Offerings:
    • Water-permeable nail polish
    • Eyeliner
    • Lip balm

Iba Cosmetics

Iba Cosmetics, known for its pure beauty philosophy, uses potent natural ingredients to meet global halal and vegan certification standards. Based in India, their extensive R&D capabilities allow them to innovate across skincare, haircare, and makeup, avoiding all animal-derived ingredients and harsh chemicals.

  • Product Offerings:
    • Face foundation
    • Eyeliner
    • Lip balm
    • Nail polish
    • Makeup brushes

dUCK Cosmetics

dUCk Cosmetics was founded by entrepreneur Vivy Yusof and launched in May 2014. Initially celebrated for its well-branded scarves that promoted scarf-wearing as a cherished act among women, the brand has since expanded into a global entity known as The dUCk Group. The company has gained rapid popularity across the globe, broadening its product line beyond scarves to include a variety of cosmetics and lifestyle products.

  • Product Offerings:
    • Cosmetics
    • Scarves
    • Bags and Accessories

4. Challenges Faced by Halal Makeup Brands

After exploring the offerings of top halal makeup brands, it’s clear they bring exceptional products to the market. However, achieving and maintaining their status comes with its own set of hurdles. Let’s examine the key difficulties these brands face:

Sourcing Halal-Certified Ingredients

Finding suppliers that can provide ingredients that comply with halal standards can be complex and costly. Halal makeup brands need to ensure that every ingredient, from colorants to preservatives, is free from prohibited substances, which significantly narrows down their options and may increase production costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Navigating the complexities of halal certification poses a significant challenge. Each country may have different standards and requirements for what constitutes a halal product. Brands must meticulously document and audit every ingredient, supplier, and manufacturing process to ensure compliance with Islamic law. This involves constant review and sometimes reformulation of products to maintain certification.

Market Penetration

Breaking into and expanding within the global market is particularly challenging for halal makeup brands. They must not only compete with established non-halal brands but also overcome misconceptions about the quality and performance of halal-certified products among non-Muslim consumers. But that’s not all, overcoming these hurdles often leads to greater innovation and enhances brand reputation globally.

Supply Chain Integrity

Maintaining a halal-compliant supply chain is crucial and challenging. Brands must ensure that every component of their product, from raw materials to finished goods, is handled in a way that preserves its halal status. This often means securing reliable suppliers and sometimes investing more in sourcing and logistics to meet these strict standards.

5. 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Halal Makeup Brands

Navigating the challenges halal makeup brands face is just one piece of the puzzle. So what’s my point? When selecting the right brand for your business, there are several critical factors to evaluate, each essential to ensuring that the choice aligns with your ethical standards and market needs. Here are some of them:

#1 Certification Authenticity

It’s crucial to confirm the authenticity of a brand’s halal certification. Seek out certifications from reputable organizations like Majelis Ulama Indonesia, known for their stringent compliance standards. This verification ensures that products genuinely conform to halal guidelines and are consistently audited for compliance.

Below is a table that provides information on key reputable certification bodies known for their strict adherence to halal compliance standards.

Certification BodyCountry of OriginKnown ForWebsiteNotes
Islamic Services of AmericaUSAComprehensive halal certification serviceswww.isahalal.comRegularly updates certification criteria
Halal Certification EuropeEuropeStrict compliance and European standardswww.halalcertification.euWide network across Europe
JakimMalaysiaHigh standards in halal certificationwww.halal.gov.myGovernment-backed authority
Gulf Halal CenterUAEMiddle Eastern halal standardswww.gulfhalalcenter.comFocus on Gulf Cooperation Council countries
Halal Monitoring CommitteeUKRigorous monitoring and compliance checkswww.halalmc.netVolunteer-driven inspection body

#2 Ingredient Transparency

Transparency in ingredient sourcing and formulation is crucial. Brands should provide clear information about the origin and handling of their ingredients to ensure they meet halal standards. This openness builds trust and reassures customers about product purity.

#3 Brand Reputation

Research the brand’s reputation within the industry. A strong reputation for quality and ethical practices can indicate a commitment to maintaining halal standards. For example, reading customer reviews and industry awards can also provide insights into the brand’s reliability and product effectiveness.

#4 Product Range

Consider the variety of products offered. For instance, a broader product range suggests the brand has invested significantly in developing a comprehensive line that satisfies diverse customer needs. This can be particularly appealing if you’re looking to provide a wide array of options for your clients.

#5 Ethical Commitments

Evaluate the brand’s commitments beyond halal certification, such as cruelty-free practices, eco-friendly packaging, and social responsibility initiatives. Brands that align with these values often provide added assurance of their overall ethical stance.

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