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Unifying for Success: TY Cosmetic’s Supply Chain Year-End Summit

Celebrating Achievements and Planning for the Future

On January 22nd, TY Cosmetic proudly held its 2023 Supply Chain Review and 2024 Planning Meeting at headquarters. Themed “Unifying for Success,” leaders across departments gathered to review the past year’s triumphs and set directions for 2024, reinforcing our commitment to innovative and high-quality growth.

The meeting featured detailed reports from various departments, including Customer Service, Procurement, R&D, Production, Quality, and Finance, outlining their achievements in 2023 and plans for the coming year.

Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement

In 2023, TY Cosmetic championed innovation, with each department embracing change and delivering results. The Quality Center stood out for its uncompromising dedication to excellence, passing rigorous audits by high-standard third-party assessors in the cosmetics industry, solidifying our commitment to premium product manufacturing.

Innovative R&D Leading the Way

Our R&D Center achieved notable success, supported by a team of over 100 researchers and more than 30 invention patents. We’ve strengthened our supply chain by collaborating with leading global ingredient suppliers, including France’s Scentin, Germany’s Lanxess, and Korea’s Baekland. These partnerships emphasize our focus on cutting-edge technology and quality product development.

The shared insights from each department not only highlighted their strengths but also ignited a spirit of enterprise and proactive engagement among our staff.

Customer-Centric and Results-Focused

Chairman ChengNan Dai stressed the importance of market awareness and customer-centricity, calling for market-oriented reforms in functional departments. He highlighted the need for departments to engage in strategic management, aligning with market trends for the next 3-5 years, and adopting a results-driven approach. With clear objectives and tasks for 2024, we strive to embody our mission of “Boundless Beauty, Limitless Wisdom” and core values, including customer-first and results-oriented practices. Our goal is to continually create value for our partners and contribute to the global beauty industry.

Together Towards a Bright Future

Reflecting on our journey, we stand strong and ready to face the future with confidence. United in our goals and collaborative spirit, we are excited to create a remarkable 2024!

To learn more about our journey, our team, and how we can help your business, visit our About Us page.

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