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Top 7 Cosmetic Suppliers in Guangzhou, China

In search of top-tier beauty and cosmetic suppliers in Guangzhou, the central part of the daily chemical market? Introducing TY Cosmetic, a source of innovation in the crowded set up of beauty and cosmetics within the city.

Making a visit to TY Cosmetic is crucial whether you’re attending the renowned beauty expo or simply navigating through Guangzhou. Positioned publicly at the center of the cosmetic industry, they are the definitive answer to the demanding inquiry, “Where are the finest cosmetic suppliers in my area?”

Famed for its exceptional quality and innovative offerings like the groundbreaking Hydra-Boost serum, TY Cosmetic is more than a symbol; it’s a testament to the peak of industry standards.

Hence, when you find yourself in Guangzhou, particularly around the time of the beauty expo, TY Cosmetic is a destination not to be missed. Their products are a testament to the success of the Guangzhou beauty scene, bringing exceptional excellence right to you.

1. TY Cosmetic – Best for Overall

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 2009

TY Cosmetic has evolved remarkably over the years. This professional OEM ODM cosmetic manufacturer is dedicated to empowering skincare businesses globally. With a robust R&D lab and three factories, they specialize in aiding private label skincare brand importers, e-commerce brand companies, spas, and salons.

Key Product: Hair Care Products and Cosmetics

Take Away Note:

TY Cosmetic is ideal for businesses seeking comprehensive and professional support in launching and growing their skincare lines. Their dedication to client success and product development positions them as a leading supplier in Guangzhou’s dynamic cosmetic industry.

2. Guangzhou Zicai Cosmetics Factory – Best for Long-Standing Expertise

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 1994

Guangzhou Zicai Cosmetics Factory stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation. With nearly 30 years of experience, they have partnered with international companies, propelling its production technology to global standards. They excel in developing functional formulations and natural plant-based products, earning recognition as a high-tech enterprise.

Key Product: Skincare Products and Cosmetics

Take Away Note:

Guangzhou Zicai Cosmetics Factory is a perfect match for brands seeking seasoned expertise and innovative, natural product lines. However, their focus on traditional methods might not be ideal for brands looking for cutting edge, trendy cosmetics.

3. Leecosmetic – Best for Private Label Diversity

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: n/a

Leecosmetic has made a name for itself in the wholesale cosmetic market, both domestically and internationally. Renowned for its extensive selection of private label makeup and cosmetics, this factory has been a go-to source for creating custom-branded beauty products. Their mission is to empower people with confidence through their makeup, prioritizing quality and variety.

Key Product: Eye Makeup Range and Private Label Lip Makeup

Take Away Note:

Leecosmetic is an excellent choice for businesses aiming to develop a diverse and custom-branded cosmetic line. However, their focus on private labeling might not suit companies looking for generic or unbranded bulk purchases.

4. Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd. – Best for Organic Formulation

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 2013

Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd. specializes in a range of cosmetic products, emphasizing skin, body, hair care, as well as baby and mother care. They are committed in manufacturing high-quality products using sustainable, natural, and organic ingredients. They pride themselves on creating personalized premium product lines, eschewing harmful chemicals in favor of healthier alternatives.

Key Product: Cosmetics and Hair Care Range

Take Away Note:

Xiran Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is an excellent choice for businesses prioritizing organic and natural cosmetic products. However, their focus on exclusively natural ingredients might not meet the needs of companies seeking more conventional cosmetic formulations.

5. Rhine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. – Best for Whitening Skincare Solutions

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 1998

Rhine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has carved a niche in skincare, particularly in whitening products and serums. With over two decades of experience, they boasts a vast R&D center, expert engineers, and adherence to ISO and GMPC standards. Their dust-free workshop, modern warehouse, and 16 production lines underline their commitment to quality and innovation.

Key Product: Whitening Skincare Products and Cosmetics

Take Away Note:

Rhine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is ideal for businesses looking for expertise in whitening skincare and innovative serums. However, their specialized product range may not cater to businesses seeking a more varied cosmetic portfolio.

6. Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd. – Best for Low MOQ Private Label Skincare

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: n/a

Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd. excels in offering low MOQ private label skincare solutions, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes. They specialize in a variety of skincare products including face wash, moisturizers, and serums. They provide customizable options for formulations, fragrances, and packaging, ensuring products meet specific business needs.

Key Product: Face Wash and Cosmetic Products

Take Away Note:

Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd. stands out for businesses needing flexible, low MOQ private label options, especially for startups and small-scale ventures. However, their tailored approach might not be as suitable for larger businesses that require high-volume, standardized product ranges.

7. Yunmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. – Best for High-Tech Manufacturing

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 2005

Yunmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales into a comprehensive cosmetic powerhouse. The company’s GMPC and EU ISO22716 certifications underscore their commitment to quality. With a product range that includes creams, lotions, essences, facial masks, makeup, and personal care items, they caters to a wide array of cosmetic needs.

Key Product: Personal Care Products and Cosmetics

Take Away Note:

Yunmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is perfect for companies seeking a comprehensive range of high-quality cosmetics with advanced manufacturing capabilities. However, their wide product spectrum and high-tech focus may be overwhelming for niche brands or businesses seeking more focused product lines.

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Cosmetic Supplier in Guangzhou, China

Mordor Intelligence reported that cosmetic products in China is expected to grow a CAGR of 9.71% (2023-2028). This growth demands careful consideration when choosing a supplier. Here are the tips to guide you:

  • ISO 22716 Certification: Ensure the supplier is ISO 22716 certified, indicating adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices in the cosmetics industry. For instance, a supplier with ISO 22716 certification would have verifiable processes for ensuring the purity of a moisturizer’s ingredients. This ensures consistent product quality and safety for your customers.
  • Product Type Specialization: Choose a supplier with a proven track record in your specific product category. For example, selecting a supplier that excels in organic facial serums can offer you access to their expertise in natural ingredient formulations, ensuring a high-quality product line.

Here’s a table outlining the importance of choosing a supplier with specialization in a specific product type:

Specialization in Product TypeSupplier expertise in a particular category, like organic facial serums.Ensures deep knowledge and experience in that product area.
Access to ExpertiseBenefitting from the supplier’s specialized knowledge in natural ingredient formulations.Enhances the quality and effectiveness of your product line.
Quality AssuranceA specialized supplier is likely to offer higher quality in their niche.Provides a competitive edge in the market with superior products.
Tailored SolutionsSupplier’s ability to offer solutions that are specifically tailored to your product needs.Ensures that your products meet market demands and customer expectations.
  • Global Market Understanding: Choose a supplier with experience in understanding global market dynamics and exporting products. This experience indicates their capability to handle international standards and logistical challenges. It also suggests they are adept at catering to diverse consumer preferences across different markets.


This review offers a valuable resource for businesses seeking reliable and innovative suppliers in the bustling cosmetic industry of Guangzhou. It serves as a compass, guiding you to make informed decisions that align with your specific business needs.

For those looking to explore comprehensive support in cosmetic manufacturing, TY Cosmetic stands as your ideal partner. For a detailed discussion, contact us today to begin your journey.

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