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TOP 10 Skincare & Cosmetic Manufacturers in China

Importing skin care products and cosmetics from Chinese manufacturers is a significant consideration for well-established businesses, newcomers looking for growth opportunities, and individuals with an interest in starting their own skin care and cosmetics enterprises.

Before embarking on this journey, it’s crucial to ponder some essential questions:

  1. Where can I source high-quality skincare and cosmetic products from reliable manufacturers in China?
  2. Which are the leading skincare and cosmetic brands in China?
  3. What are the latest trends and innovations in the Chinese skincare and cosmetic industry?

Do not worry; we are here to supply you all the information you need. We hope to reveal the trade secrets of the skincare and cosmetics business with this extensive guide to Chinese producers. To make sure you have access to the greatest in the industry, we have painstakingly investigated and compiled information about the most respectable Chinese brands and producers.

Our mission is to support you in choosing the best skincare and cosmetics company in China so that you can utilize their goods for personal or professional purposes and make well-informed judgments.

Let’s delve into the world of Chinese skincare and cosmetic manufacturers, where we will explore:

  1. Understanding Our Data
  2. Main Manufacturing Hubs for Skincare and Cosmetic Products
  3. A Comparative Analysis of Leading Chinese Manufacturers
  4. Who Stands Out as the Premier Skincare and Cosmetic Manufacturer in China?
  5. Conclusion

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey to discover the best skincare and cosmetic manufacturers in China.

1. Understanding Our Data

To compile this guide, we have meticulously gathered information from a diverse array of reliable and industry-leading sources, ensuring that the content presented is accurate and pertinent. Our sources encompass:

  • China’s Regulatory Authorities in the Cosmetics Industry
  • Official Websites of Skincare and Cosmetics Companies Covered
  • Insights from Industry Experts in the Field of Skincare and Cosmetics
  • Feedback and Experiences Shared by Customers from Around the Globe
  • In-Depth Interviews with Sales Representatives from Various Skincare and Cosmetic Companies

Rest assured, our commitment to providing you with the most up-to-date and trustworthy information remains unwavering as we navigate the world of skincare and cosmetic manufacturers.

2. Main Manufacturing Hubs for Skincare and Cosmetic Products

When embarking on the search for skincare and cosmetic manufacturers in China, it’s crucial to understand the regions renowned for producing top-quality products and housing expert manufacturers. These industrial hubs are known for their specialties and offer varying degrees of quality and price competitiveness.

The primary regions in China’s skincare and cosmetic manufacturing landscape are:


  • Known for its fast-paced production environment, thanks to the well-established cosmetics packaging materials supply chain in the vicinity.
  • Offers flexibility, competitive pricing, and high cost-effectiveness.
  • Diverse product offerings, including daily skincare, functional cosmetics, and innovative products.
  • Provides options across different quality levels and price points, offering flexibility to meet various requirements.


  • Production processes in Shanghai tend to be more deliberate, following a slower pace, with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Known for housing factories catering to domestic cosmetic brands, often associated with higher price points.
  • While quality is high, minimum order quantities and prices may be relatively elevated.


  • In the Yiwu area of Zhejiang, numerous cosmetic manufacturing facilities exist, albeit on a smaller scale with limited innovation.
  • Primarily oriented toward mass-producing lower-end products, but quality and craftsmanship may vary significantly.
  • Zhejiang is a hub for cosmetic packaging materials such as acrylic and glass bottles, known for its affordability.

Each of these regions offers unique advantages and caters to different aspects of the skincare and cosmetic industry. Understanding these areas will help you make informed decisions when seeking skincare and cosmetic manufacturers in China.

3. A Comparative Analysis of Leading Chinese Manufacturers

Before we delve into the specifics, this product comparison graph provides a comprehensive analysis of the top ten cosmetic companies, focusing on their scale-growth rate, quality, and price.


  • This graph specifically targets the cosmetic industry.
  • The data for this analysis is sourced from official company websites, the Chinese State Industry and Commerce Bureau, and insights from seasoned experts in the cosmetic industry.
  • The graph utilizes a quadrant system to categorize companies based on market share, market growth, quality, and price.

3.1 Product Comparison Graph

Takeaway Note: The bottom right corner of our graph, marked as ‘cost-effective’, is where the magic happens in the cosmetic industry. Here, Guangzhou Tengyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique Co., Ltd. emerge as the stars, striking the perfect balance between quality and affordability. These brands exemplify how premium quality doesn’t necessarily demand a premium price. Their ability to blend top-tier product standards with reasonable pricing is not just impressive, it’s a savvy business move.

3.2 Market Comparison Graph

Takeaway Note: Our “Market Comparison Graph” unfolds the strategic panorama of the cosmetic industry, with a keen focus on the companies that are setting benchmarks in market engagement and growth. In this landscape, Guangzhou Tengyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Haishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.. As you explore this graph, you’ll witness the art of market navigation at its best, showcasing how these companies are not just riding the wave but actually steering the industry’s direction.

4. Who Stands Out as the Premier Skincare and Cosmetic Manufacturer in China?

Here are the top 10 skincare and cosmetic manufacturers in China:

  1. Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique Co., Ltd.
  2. Guangzhou Tengyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  3. Guangzhou Haishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
  4. Guangzhou Yunmei Cosmetic Co., Ltd.
  5. Guangdong Huashen Biomedical Co., Ltd.
  6. Guangzhou Missy Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
  7. Guangdong Rhine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  8. Zhengzhou Magique Huaer Biotech Co., Ltd.
  9. Guangzhou Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  10. Shenzhen Dechaab Trading Co., Ltd.

Let’s delve into each of these companies one by one to uncover their distinct qualities and the roles they play in advancing the skincare and cosmetic industry.

4.1 Xujohn|MOND’SUB focuses on quality skin care.

Brief Introduction

Guangzhou Xujohn Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and is a medium-sized enterprise in the cosmetics industry. The company has a strong track record of growth and offers affordable, high-quality products. As an experienced exporter with a relatively mature and experienced workforce, we have our own brand MOND’SUB. The brand focuses on unique products such as dry compressed cotton pads, lip masks, wet compressed cotton pads, etc., targeting domestic and international markets.

The company is recognized for its participation in trade shows and has products in stock to meet customers’ immediate needs. Although Xu John was one of the earlier companies to enter the field of foreign trade and successfully launched its own brand, it is worth noting that the company’s production, R&D capabilities and responsiveness may not be at the same level as some of its competitors. Despite this, they still maintain a solid position in the market.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Private Label Custom Hydrating Lip Care Mask
  • Sheet Hip Care Butt Mask
  • Private Label Natural Salt Body Scrub
  • Hand And Body Lotion Cream
  • Private Label Cup Packing Clay Mask


Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique Co., Ltd. has made a name for itself in the international cosmetics industry by taking part in several trade exhibitions. Xujohn uses these occasions as a stage to present their variety of specialty products. Being present at these international expos demonstrates their dedication to reaching a wider audience and interacting with a varied range of customers, which is indicative of their established position in the global trade scene of the cosmetic sector.

Guangzhou Xujohn Biotechnology Co., Ltd. actively participates in international trade exhibitions, significantly broadening its industry footprint. Here are some of the major exhibitions Xujohn has participated in with his own brand MOND’SUB:

  • Bologna: Beauty show
  • Hong Kong: International Beauty Expo
  • Shanghai: Beauty Fair
  • Guangzhou: Beauty Fair
  • Dubai: Beautiful World Middle East Expo
  • Brazil: Latin American Cosmetics Fair
  • North America: Las Vegas Beauty Show


Xujohn specializes in skin care products such as eye masks, facial masks, and scrubs. It is an established industry leader. Although its research and development capabilities are not comparable to those of newcomers, it is still at the forefront of the industry.

4.2 Guangzhou Tengyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Guangzhou Tengyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and has been on an upward trajectory with important milestones. The company expanded production capacity with new factories in 2018 and 2020, and acquired another factory in 2021 dedicated to fulfilling orders for the Indian market. In 2023, Tengyu will acquire land to build a new factory in Guangzhou, reflecting Tengyu’s continued growth.

Through cooperation with global raw material giants and the successful acquisition of multiple R&D patents, the company’s commitment to quality and innovation is reflected. Currently, they are building a new provincial R&D laboratory covering an area of 1,300 square meters, aiming to improve product quality and development. Tengyu has the most advanced machinery and equipment to handle large-volume orders. It also has a variety of production types to choose from. The minimum order quantity is also very friendly for small orders, showing strong manufacturing capabilities.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Private Label Sunscreen
  • Private Label Face Cleanser
  • Private Label Hair Serum
  • Private Label Serum
  • Private Label Baby Oil

R&D Innovation Capability

TY Cosmetic has three GMP-certified factories with 68 manufacturing lines and 1,500 committed production personnel, demonstrating its strong R&D innovation potential. TY Cosmetic has assembled a strong team of seventy people in research and development to meet the custom product development requirements of different brands and launch new goods more quickly. To push the limits of cosmetic innovation, our team collaborates closely with internationally recognized laboratories and raw material suppliers.

Innovation is at the heart of TY Cosmetics’ R&D leadership, which includes the renowned Mr. Tadahiro Shimada, who has 40 years of experience in cosmetic research and 16 patents, and Dr. Lee Woong Kyun, who has 20 years of experience and 9 patents. Mr. Shin Song Seok, a seasoned individual who has made significant contributions to Korean cosmetic research, joins them. Their combined knowledge directs the business’s innovative R&D initiatives.

The R&D facility, which employs 58 people including 20 senior engineers and a variety of specialists in several product categories, is a monument to TY Cosmetic’s dedication to quality and innovation. Over 8,000 cosmetic formulae have been produced by their combined efforts, which have been continuously improved through collaborations with recognized labs. TY Cosmetic is well-equipped to turn ideas into goods that are ready for the market, precisely and creatively realizing their clients’ visions, thanks to a customer service team that is equally skilled in project management, purchasing, and creative design.


TY Cosmetic provides a customized end-to-end solution that includes mass production, material customisation, packaging design, and custom formulation creation. Using recyclable and ecologically friendly materials, they make sure that packaging perfection matches product quality with an exacting eye for both substance and presentation. TY Cosmetic can also provide halal-certified products and sunscreen compositions that are suitable for the reef. Their continuous growth since 2012 and partnerships with top raw material suppliers have strengthened their R&D capabilities, as demonstrated by their large portfolio of patents and the establishment of a new provincial-level R&D facility that is ready to boost product innovation and quality even further.

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4.3 Guangzhou Haishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Guangzhou Haishi Biological Co., Ltd. is an important independent brand enterprise that achieved rapid growth during the epidemic, especially in the international sales of disinfectants. Sea Lion was initially driven by orders from trading companies, and later established its own brand. However, this affected old foreign trade customers to a certain extent and resulted in some losses. They offer low-price, moderate-quality products and focus on cost-effective manufacturing, attracting OEM factories with off-the-shelf SKUs.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Post Swimming Cleansing Gel
  • Body Lotion Before and After Swimming
  • Chlorine-Removing Gentle Spot Cleansing Shampoo
  • Hair Regrowth and Hair Loss Control Hair Oil
  • Mouthwash

Development Trend

Guangzhou Haishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is expanding beyond its existing product lines to include pet care solutions to meet the growing demand for animal health products. In addition to this, they are nurturing their own skincare brand MELAO, enhancing their product portfolio and demonstrating their versatility in responding to market trends in human and pet care.


During the pandemic, Guangzhou Haishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd., a large-scale company with its own brand, has grown, especially in the global disinfection market. After initially depending on trade firm orders, Haishi today promotes the independence of its brand. Their affordable, although moderately quality products give them a competitive edge, and their ability to meet OEM requests by having stock on hand has been essential to their growth. Haishi is now branching out into pet supplies.

4.4 Guangzhou Yunmei Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

A sizable cosmetics company that is expanding steadily is Guangzhou Yunmei Cosmetic Co., Ltd. They have reasonably priced products that are nevertheless of a respectable caliber. Though on a smaller size, Yunmei and the Deve plant share production facilities, indicating an emphasis on efficiency and specialization within the cosmetics manufacturing business.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Private Label Bleaching Cream
  • Oem Anti-Aging Moisturizer Face Cream
  • Multi Effect Face Anti-Acne Cream
  • Extreme 7 Days Whitening Cream
  • Private Label Pillow Spray

Main Clients


An influential player in the cosmetics sector, Guangzhou Yunmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. uses its competitive pricing to hold the mid-to-lower segment of the skin care product market. With over half of the market in the domestic market and a specific men’s skin care range, they focus on effective skin care treatments and share manufacturing skills with the Deve factory. Their superior offerings, which include an assortment of creams and private label pillow sprays, highlight their dedication to diversity and creativity in cosmetics.

4.5 Guangdong Huashen Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Guangdong Huashen Biomedical Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise in Guangdong Province, China, which has been operating for two years. The company specializes in a range of skin care and wellness products. They position themselves in the international market with low prices while ensuring that their products meet acceptable quality standards. Despite the slow growth rate, it continues to have positive interactions in overseas markets. The services they offer combined with a strategic pricing approach have facilitated their entry and expansion into the competitive landscape of the biomedical field.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Mud Mask Capsules
  • Care Urea Cream
  • Kimsly Private Label Eye Bag Removal Eye Cream
  • Private Brand Collagen-Preserving Essence Eye Cream
  • Multi-effect Facial Serum

Quality Inspection

Private label Viaderm’s quality assurance is at the forefront of its operations, ensuring that every product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Viaderm operates fully compliant facilities and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices, adhering to a strict quality control system at all stages of production. They established a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and maintained detailed documentation, including batching and filling records. Regular training programs keep the team sharp, and a dedicated quality control team oversees the traceability of all ingredients and ingredients, ensuring the safety and reliability of its skin and hair care products.


Since its establishment, Guangdong Huashen Biomedical Co., Ltd. has focused on taking root in the field of biomedicine. Their commitment to quality is reinforced by a quality assurance system and compliance with production specifications. They focus on maintaining low international prices to seize the middle and low-end markets and seek steady development.

4.6 Guangzhou Missy Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Guangzhou Missy Biological Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with trading companies to mainly produce men’s beard care products. The company positions its products at moderate price and quality levels, suggesting a balanced approach to market access and product standards. Missy is very involved in the world of men’s grooming.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Hair and Body Fragrance Spray
  • Oem/Odm Refillable Deodorant
  • Oem/Odm Underarm Deodorant
  • Moisturizing Shower Gel Refill
  • Natural Organic Whitening and Moisturizing Body Cream

Main Marketing Markets


Guangzhou Missy Biological Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures a range of high-end personal care products in collaboration with trading firms. With a focus on men’s grooming, particularly beard care, the company also sells a variety of OEM/ODM deodorants as well as hair and body aroma sprays. Their items are ordinary in every way, reasonably priced, and have no particularly noteworthy benefits just yet.

4.7 Guangdong Rhine Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Guangdong Rhine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a moderately growing medium-sized business that has a steady growth rate. Their approach to pricing aims to offer products at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. Prior to now, as a result of the new crown epidemic, they have focused more on the global market, which necessitates investment and adjustment to new business circumstances. Despite the negative effects on its business, it is continuously searching for appropriate strategies to expand into other markets.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Oem Oil Control Moisturizing Facial Cleanser for Men
  • Private Brand Whitening and Moisturizing Men’s Skin Care Series
  • Private Label Women’s Skin Care Set
  • Private Label Men’s Skin Care Set
  • Private Label Cologne Aftershave Lotion

R&D and Production

The product line of Guangdong Rhine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. comprises body lotions, essences, and items for whitening skin care. The business employs a skilled group of engineers and has a sizable R&D facility furnished with cutting-edge testing apparatus. Their production method complies with GMPC and ISO 22716 standards, and they are dedicated to reaching global quality benchmarks. Their facility is a dust-free workshop.


Guangdong Rhine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a skin care product specialist with a particular emphasis on essences, lotions, and whitening care. RheinBio ensures that its production processes adhere to international quality and safety laws by maintaining its own R&D center and adhering to GMPC and ISO 22716 standards. Rheinland Biotech has continued to make contributions to the skin care business and has maintained its operational position despite the epidemic’s impact on the home market forcing it to migrate to the foreign market.

4.8 Zhengzhou Magique Huaer Biotech Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Henan-based Zhengzhou Magique Huaer Biotech Co., Ltd. is a modest biotechnology business with steady operations and modest development. They keep their product quality levels respectable while charging inexpensive pricing. The corporation is well-known for concentrating more on copying current items than on creating novel ideas, despite having its own R&D staff, laboratories, and brand.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Professional Skin Care Kit Machine for Spa
  • Professional Microneedle Ampoule Microinfusion System D
  • Oem Tinted Sunscreen Stick
  • Private Label Salicylic Acid Acne Patch
  • Portable Smart 3D Scanning Skin Analyzer Machine

Replicating Market

Zhengzhou Magique Huaer Biotech Co., Ltd.. bills itself as an organic private label skin care product maker. The business has developed a specialty in producing personalized, natural skin care products and has broadened its scope of work to include product replication. Their ability to imitate product formulas and packaging enables them to satisfy consumers seeking well-known and profitable skin care products under their own label.

In keeping with their dedication to environmental preservation, Zhengzhou Magique Huaer Biotech Co., Ltd. makes sure that all of its products meet vegan and cruelty-free standards, even if they emphasize imitation. They offer complete one-stop services that include formula selection, brand development, customized packaging, and effective logistics, making it easier for distributors to start or grow skin care product lines by offering products and packaging in line with established market preferences.


Zhengzhou Magique Huaer Biotech Co., Ltd. has gained recognition as an organic skincare company since its founding in 2006 and has provided a range of natural, cruelty-free products. With an emphasis on bespoke formulations, they provide an extensive array of choices for private label distribution. Although they are skilled at producing goods that mimic market success, such as replicating well-known recipes and packaging, this copycat approach necessitates that prospective purchasers perform due diligence and take into account the inherent risks associated with such products, especially about intellectual property and the intellectual property field.

4.9 Guangzhou Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Small-scale cosmetics manufacturer Guangzhou Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is growing steadily but moderately. They maintain reasonable quality standards while charging reasonable pricing for their items. In collaboration with a trading organization, Royax sells products on the main Alibaba marketplace by utilizing factory licenses that are borrowed. Their factory is built up straightforwardly.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • 100% Natural Private Label Pure Organic Castor Oil
  • Private Label Dark Spot Correcting Cream for Face and Body
  • Private Label Custom Exfoliating Lip Scrub
  • Latisse
  • Private Brand Moisturizing White Kaolin Mask

Main Clients


The primary focus of Guangzhou Royax Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is the design, development, and manufacturing of skin care products that meet global quality requirements. It takes great pleasure in its well-stocked warehouses and comprehensive quality control system that covers every phase of manufacturing. It guarantees client happiness by guaranteeing prompt delivery and testing of samples. Invest. Notwithstanding these benefits, its operational style implies that it has restricted capacity to execute large-scale orders, and its production facilities are modest.

4.10 Shenzhen Dechaab Trading Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction

Shenzhen Dechaab Trading Co., Ltd. is well-known for its ability to provide items at competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Dechaab is a trading company that does not possess any production facilities, hence its primary concentration is on sales and distribution within the cosmetics business rather than research and development. Their strategy is designed to move quickly in the market and use alliances to meet the needs of customers.

Registration Information

Top 5 Products

  • Whitening and anti-freckle cream
  • Facial Watermelon Sleeping Mask
  • Custom Retinol Serum
  • rose massage oil
  • OEM facial makeup remover cleansing balm

Main Clients


With a modest presence in the cosmetics industry, Shenzhen Dechaab Trading Co., Ltd. provides affordable goods without sacrificing a reasonable standard of quality. Dechaab is a trade corporation that relies heavily on sales and distribution because it lacks its own production facilities. But because they can’t produce as much, they can have trouble staying stable and growing in the market.

5. Conclusion

We highlight China’s top skincare and cosmetics manufacturers. Many other noteworthy companies are being considered for inclusion:

  1. Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-Technique Co., Ltd.
  2. Guangzhou Tengyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  3. Guangzhou Haishi Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

This guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when sourcing skincare and cosmetics from China. We’ve carefully researched all of the leading suppliers in China’s skincare and cosmetics industry, but if you’re looking for more insights, have other company recommendations, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you find the best products for your beauty business needs.

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