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Top 10 Sheet Mask Manufacturers

Sheet masks are all the rage lately. It seems like every other day a new one is being released on the market. So how do you know which sheet mask manufacturer to trust? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here are the top 10 sheet mask manufacturers, based on quality, value, and innovation. Plus, we’ve done the research to make sure they are all cruelty-free!

So, let’s dive right in!

1. Top 10 Sheet Mask Manufacturers

The sheet mask industry is booming, and companies from all over the world are jumping into the fray. To help anyone make the best choice, we’ve done some research and compiled a list of the top 10 sheet mask manufacturers. Here they are:

#1 Taiki

Taiki Beauty, a subsidiary of the Taiki Group, is one of the world’s oldest beauty and cosmetic companies. This supplier was established in the 1930s and has manufacturing subsidiaries located in many countries across the globe, such as the US, China, France, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia…etc.

Their key philosophy is “new value creation”, which they have been using to revitalize the cosmetic industry with their innovative products. It fills orders with love and attention to detail, which has made it a favorite choice for both cosmetic companies and individual customers all over the world.

Country and City: Japan

Established Date: 1930

Key Product: Skincare and beauty products

Company Image:

Factory image:

Product image:


Taiki has managed to stay one step ahead of the competition for more than 80 years, thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation. Its range of sheet masks is known for their excellent fit, feel, and effectiveness.

#2 TY Cosmetic

At TY Cosmetic, we strongly believe in helping our clients succeed in the skin care industry by offering professional OEM and ODM services. We’re proud to have won some great achievements, starting with our first factory and now expanding to 3 factories and a powerful research lab.

We strive to offer the best product and service possible to private-label skincare brand importers, e-commerce companies, spas, and salons globally. We don’t stop until our clients have successfully launched their products and are continuing to grow profitably. With every project we take on, our goal is to provide outstanding service.

Country and City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 2009

Key Product: Face care and hair care

Company Image:

Factory image:

Product image:


TY Cosmetic has a proven track record of providing top-notch product development and production services for its global client base. With a focus on innovation, they are committed to delivering the best sheet masks in terms of quality, efficacy, and design. Contact us today to get started!

#3 Olehana

Olehana is a China-based private-label cosmetics manufacturer that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Their factory has been ISO 22716 certified since 1996. They have over 2 decades of experience in research and development for makeup and skincare products.

They pride themselves on creativity and innovation, as well as on maintaining the highest quality control. With a great reputation stemming from our professional expertise and first-class production facilities, we are more than capable of satisfying any customer needs.

Country and City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 1996 

Key Product: Skincare and body care

Company Image:

Factory image:

Product image:


Olehana is renowned for its thoroughness and quality control, making it a great choice for those looking for high-quality sheet masks. They offer innovative products that are sure to please customers on all ends of the spectrum.

#4 TCI Group

Founded in 1980, TCI Co., Ltd. started as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) company but then turned into a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) company in 2011. In 2013, it was listed on the stock exchange. By the end of 2021, it had 884 employees.

They actively focus on creating value and potential for businesses by differentiating their product design and R&D technology. This, in turn, develops the economy, environment, and society sustainably.

Country and City: Taipei, Taiwan

Established Date: 1980

Key Product: Skincare

Company Image:

Factory image:

Product image:


TCI Group is all about creating value and potential for businesses. With their dedicated focus on product design and R&D technology, they are a great option for those looking to buy high-quality sheet masks.


ALLMASK is the leading manufacturer of skin and body care products in Mumbai, India. They manufacture a range of facial sheet masks, cleansing wipes, and other body care products such as cosmetic pads, nose strips, wax strips, hydrogel masks, bubble sheet masks, and acne patches.

Following all third-party manufacturing standards and practices, they offer their customers the widest range of facial sheet mask variants. They not only understand the client’s goals as a brand, but they put all their efforts into making sure those aspirations are met by providing customers with excellent products and services.

Country and City: Mumbai – India

Established Date: n/a

Key Products: facial sheet masks, cleansing wipes

Company Image:

Product image:


ALLMASK is dedicated to providing its customers with the best range of facial sheet masks. With a commitment to meeting all third-party manufacturing standards, they are a great choice for anyone looking for quality and reliability.

#6 Seoul Mamas

Seoul Mamas has built strong relationships with top Korean manufacturers. This allows them to be on the cutting edge of K-Beauty trends and ingredients, have access to amazing standard formulations, and work with world-class R&D teams.

Their private-label beauty face masks are of excellent quality and immensely popular with customers. Their collaborative work in the U.S. and Seoul allows them to have complete control over every step of a thorough process that guarantees satisfaction with their distinctive product.

Country and City: US

Established Date: n/a

Key Products: Sheet Masks and Patch-film

Company Image:

Product image:


Seoul Mamas is a great choice for those who want access to the latest K-beauty trends and products. With strong relationships with top Korean manufacturers, their product range is of excellent quality and immensely popular.

#7 ELOV Cosmetics

ELOV Cosmetics Co., Ltd was established in Guangzhou, China in 2002. They are a company that specializes in skin care facial masks, nose strips, and other cosmetic items. Their team is composed of leading experts from the cosmetology industry.

To ensure the product’s quality, they established a comprehensive set of test systems that follow GMP quality and safety standards from start to finish. They manufacture all products with high-quality, technologically advanced equipment. Not only do they provide OEM/ODM/OBM service on different kinds of cosmetics, but they also sell them in overseas and domestic markets.

Country and City: Guangdong, China

Established Date: 2002

Key Products: Mask, Body Cream

Company Image:

Product image:


ELOV Cosmetics is a great option for those seeking a comprehensive range of skincare products. They have rigorous testing systems in place to ensure quality and safety throughout the process.

#8 RainShadow Labs

RainShadow Labs is a custom formulation house for personal care private label manufacturing, located in St. Helens, Oregon along the Columbia River. They specialize in creating custom cosmetics and skincare products, including facial sheet masks.

At their full-service facility, they offer timely product development and design services, private label manufacturing, and cosmetic production support. They also provide technical assistance with packaging and labeling procurement as well as shipping and logistics.

Country and City: Oregon, Columbia

Established Date: 1983

Key Products: Mask, Body Cream

Company Image:

Factory image:

Product image:


RainShadow Labs is the perfect choice for anyone looking to develop custom formulations for personal care products. They have a full-service facility and offer timely product development with great customer service.

#9 Bo International

Bo International is a cutting-edge company that was founded in 2013. Their Wazirpur, New Delhi headquarters houses a 40,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with state-of-the-art machines. This allows them to manufacture the highest quality skincare products possible.

With Mr. Aayush Gupta at the helm, their team of highly skilled and experienced professionals has been exporting to over 15 countries around the world. They specialize in private-label manufacturing services for beauty and personal care products, helping brands bring their vision to life.

Country and City: Wazirpur, New Delhi

Established Date: 2013

Key Products: Mask, Body Cream

Company Image:

Factory image:

Product image:


Bo International is an excellent option for those looking to bring their skincare vision to life. With a highly skilled and experienced team along with state-of-the-art machinery, they offer private label manufacturing services of the highest quality available.

#10 Anthem Beauty

At Anthem, they work tirelessly to bring their clients the best beauty products possible. Their team of experts crafts each product with care and precision, using only the finest materials available. It’s a comprehensive and proven approach that has resulted in products of unparalleled quality that resonate around the world.

Raj Prakash is an ambitious entrepreneur who has made Anthem one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of skincare, hair care, and body care products globally. Their commitment to values such as honesty, transparency, and collaboration has resulted in high client satisfaction rates.

Country and City: Clifton, NJ

Established Date: n/a

Key Products: face care products

Company Image:

Factory image:

Product image:


Anthem Beauty is an excellent choice for anyone looking for top-quality beauty products. With a focus on transparency and collaboration, they strive to bring their clients the best results possible. Additionally, they have made major strides in creating sustainable packaging solutions.

2. 6 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Manufacturer

Sheet face masks are growing in popularity globally, and the market size is expected to increase from $206 million in 2018 to $392.1 million by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 8.76%. As a result, choosing the right sheet mask manufacturer is crucial to succeeding in this competitive market.

To make the best decision, here are several factors sheet mask brands should consider when selecting a sheet mask manufacturer:

#1 Quality Control

The quality of your sheet mask product is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. A reputable manufacturer should have rigorous quality standards and testing protocols in place to ensure that all products meet high-quality standards. Some example tests include:

  • Chemical testing to ensure sheet masks do not contain any dangerous toxins or chemicals
  • Physical performance tests to make sure sheet masks are up to par in terms of feel and comfort on the face.
  • Microbial tests to make sure sheet masks are free from harmful bacteria.

#2 Supply Chain & Logistics

It’s essential to evaluate the sheet mask manufacturer’s supply chain and logistics capabilities. This will help ensure that your sheet masks are delivered on time and with minimal damage. Additionally, a good sheet mask manufacturer should be able to provide detailed tracking information for all shipments.

#3 Certification and Compliance

The sheet mask manufacturer should have the appropriate certifications and comply with industry standards to ensure the sheet masks are safe to use. Some of the certifications sheet mask manufacturers should have include:

#4 Credentials

A sheet mask manufacturer’s credentials are a great indicator of the quality of services they provide. Always check for customer testimonials and reviews to get an in-depth understanding of the sheet mask manufacturer. For instance, if sheet mask manufacturers have a history of successfully producing sheet masks for well-known brands, this is usually an excellent sign.

#5 Customization and Innovation

A sheet mask manufacturer should be able to offer customizations and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of your sheet masks. For example, a sheet mask manufacturer should be able to make sheet masks with unique ingredients, special fragrances, or other modifications.

#6 Pricing

Finally, sheet mask brands should always consider the sheet mask manufacturer’s pricing. It’s essential to have an accurate understanding of all costs associated with sheet mask production — from the cost of raw materials to shipping and delivery fees. This will help sheet mask brands determine a competitive price for their sheet masks without sacrificing quality or safety

These are all essential factors sheet mask brands should consider when choosing a sheet mask manufacturer. By taking the time to review each of these criteria, sheet mask brands can make sure they’re selecting the right sheet mask manufacturer to produce their sheet masks.

If you’re looking for a reliable sheet mask manufacturer, consider working with TY Cosmetic. We offer the highest quality sheet masks and have extensive experience in customizing and innovating sheet mask products. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

3. Best Practices When Working with a Sheet Mask Manufacturer

When sheet mask brands partner with sheet mask manufacturers, there are a few best practices they should follow to get the most out of the relationship. Here are a few top tips sheet mask brands should consider:

Create Detailed Specifications

Sheet mask brands should provide manufacturers with detailed specifications outlining the sheet masks’ size, color, materials, smell, and other characteristics. This will ensure sheet masks are produced according to the exact standards.

Communicate Often

It’s essential for sheet mask brands to have an open line of communication with their manufacturer. This will help ensure that any issues or changes can be addressed promptly and efficiently.

Periodically Evaluate Quality

Finally, it’s essential to periodically evaluate the quality of the sheet masks in order to ensure they meet all specifications. This can include physical tests, microbial tests, and even regular inspections from independent third-party auditors.

These best practices will help sheet mask brands ensure they are getting the highest quality sheet masks from their manufacturers. By following these tips, sheet mask brands can achieve optimal results and customer satisfaction with their sheet masks.

4. Conclusion

So, there you have it! Our top 10 sheet mask manufacturers. We hope you found this list of the top 10 sheet mask manufacturers helpful. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us at TY Cosmetic. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience and we are always happy to help. 

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