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Top 11 Soap Manufacturers in the USA for Luxury Brands

Is the search for a premium soap manufacturer in the USA for your brand taking you in circles? Look no further, your quest ends here.

With years of industry analysis and a keen eye for quality, our insights offer a reliable guide for those in the soap market seeking unrivaled excellence.

Herein lies an exclusive list of the top 11 soap manufacturers in the USA, each selected for their unparalleled offerings to elevate your brand with their exceptional quality and prestige.

In this guide, you’ll get to explore the soap manufacturers in the USA, showcasing their unique offerings and what makes them stand out in the high-end market.

Read on to find your next premium partner in soap manufacturing.

1. Bradford – Best for Pioneering Speciality Soap Products

Country & City: Rhode Island, USA

Established Date: 1876

Bradford is a long-standing leader in the personal care industry, with over a century of experience and a global reach. They focus on innovation, offering turn-key solutions and conducting in-house market research to anticipate trends. Their state-of-the-art development labs ensure clients receive unique, customer-centric products.

Key Products: Bar Soaps and Shower Poufs

Takeaway Note:

Bradford is an exemplary match for brands seeking a manufacturer with a rich history and a commitment to innovation in specialty soaps and personal care products. Their focus on specialty and innovative products, however, may not be the best fit for brands with a more conventional approach that requires simpler, time-tested product offerings.

2. Manos Soap Co. – Best for Heritage & Community Engagement

Country & City: Arvada, Colorado, USA

Established Date: 1940

Manos Soap Co. is rooted in Greek heritage and traditional soap-making, emphasizing pure, natural ingredients and social and environmental responsibility with certifications like B Corporation and Leaping Bunny. They are dedicated to fostering a cleaner, more sustainable future through their commitment to the local ecosystem and community advocacy.

Key Products: Handmade Bar Soaps and Personal Care

Takeaway Note:

Manos Soap Co. is a match for businesses looking for products with a story, crafted with care, and rich in natural heritage. Yet, for those in search of vibrant aesthetics and perfumed collections, their avoidance of micas, colorants, and fragrances means they may need to look elsewhere to satisfy that particular market demand.

3. Vanguard Soap – Best for Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Country & City: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Established Date: 1943

Vanguard Soap is an innovative force in the soap industry with several decades of expertise. Their facility boasts ISO 9001 and FDA OTC registrations, reflecting their dedication to quality. They specialize in crafting custom formulations to make each product unique to the brand it represents. Their legacy is built on excellence, sustainability, and strict quality control, catering to high-standards customers nationwide.

Key Products: Bar Soaps and Liquid Soaps

Takeaway Note:

Vanguard Soap is ideally suited for luxury brands that require meticulous quality assurance and regulatory compliance in their products. But smaller businesses looking for lower minimums and flexible production runs may not find them ideal due to their extensive quality systems and large-scale operations.

4. Marcoco Manufacturing – Best for Environmentally Friendly Products

Country & City: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Established Date: 1958

Marcoco Manufacturing, with a legacy of over half a century, combines sustainability with a commitment to quality. They use pure coconut oil and biodegradable ingredients in their vegan, paraben-free, and phthalate-free products. Their mission, “Care That Counts,” reflects their dedication to people and the planet. They are a testament to responsible American manufacturing.

Key Products: Plant Derived Soaps and Detergents

Takeaway Note:

Marcoco Manufacturing is best suited for brands looking for a partner that aligns with a strong environmental values and requires flexible production capabilities. Conversely, brands seeking more exotic or varied ingredient bases might find their coconut oil-centric portfolio limiting.

5. Twin Craft Skincare – Best for Innovation and Sustainability

Country & City: Winooski, Vermont, USA

Established Date: 1972

Twin Craft Skincare, with extensive experience in the industry, is known for its commitment to sustainable personal care. They offer a diverse range of high-performance skincare products that prioritize quality and eco-friendly practices. Collaborating closely with brands exceeds industry standards for excellence and sustainability.

Key Products: Bar Soaps and Deodorants

Takeaway Note:

Ideal for brands looking to make a statement with cutting-edge, eco-conscious products, Twin Craft Skincare offers a partnership that aligns with the values of sustainability and innovation. While their emphasis on advanced and sustainable methods is commendable, it might lead to higher expenses, which could pose challenges for brands operating on tight budgets.

6. Oregon Soap Company – Best for Eco-Conscious Brands

Country & City: Portland, Oregon, USA

Established Date: 1993

The Oregon Soap Company, founded by a musician turned entrepreneur, combines sustainability with premium soap production. Their commitment to combatting climate change through eco-friendly practices aligns with a rising demand for sustainable products. Using organic ingredients and renewable energy, they cater to environmentally conscious luxury soap brands in the market.

Key Products: Organic Castile Soap and Foaming Soaps

Takeaway Note:

Suitable for brands aiming to blend luxury and sustainability, Oregon Soap Company offers a selection of certified organic soaps that align with eco-friendly principles. But businesses seeking a more traditional or non-organic product range might find their offerings too specialized.

7. Tropical Products Inc. – Best for Full-Service Manufacturing

Country & City: Salem, Massachusetts, USA

Established Date: 1993

Tropical Products Inc. is a leading personal care product manufacturer with a strong commitment to quality and sustainability. Their FDA, EPA, cGMP registered, and USDA Organic Certified facility offers comprehensive manufacturing solutions for various personal care needs, and their flexibility caters to both small and large production runs, including rush orders, ensuring swift brand enhancement.

Key Products: Personal Care and Household Care

Takeaway Note:

Tropical Products Inc. is the go-to manufacturer for businesses needing a full-service partner that can handle all aspects of product development, from concept to shelf. However, brands that require more specialized or limited services may find their broad-spectrum approach more extensive than necessary.

8. Vermont Soap – Best for Organic Personal Care

Country & City: Middlebury, Vermont, USA

Established Date: 1992

Vermont Soap is a leading player in the organic personal care industry, known for its USDA-approved, certified organic products tailored for sensitive skin. They prioritize sustainability, corporate responsibility, and green practices while delivering high-quality, natural personal care options to health-conscious consumers. Their commitment to these values has established them as a well-known brand in the organic soap sector.

Key Products: Handmade Bar Soaps and Home Care

Takeaway Note:

Vermont Soap is a match for businesses that value organic, eco-friendly products and have customers with sensitive skin. However, their strict reliance on natural ingredients, which is great for ensuring purity, might not align with all business models, especially those looking for a more diverse range of product ingredients.

9. Custom Soap Colorado – Best for Custom Soap Creations

Country & City: Colorado, USA

Established Date: 2006

Custom Soap Colorado is dedicated to crafting unique soap bars tailored to clients’ visions, led by Soap Master Creighton’s passion for personalized soap-making experiences. They offer services like private-label soap and custom scent blends, catering to a diverse clientele, including B&Bs, boutiques, and corporate events, making them experts in custom soap creation.

Key Products: Conditioner Bars and Soap Bars

Takeaway Note:

Custom Soap Colorado is a great choice for businesses that want to share their unique story through personalized soap products, adding a personal touch to each creation. However, their specialized focus may not be the best fit for larger businesses seeking mass-produced, off-the-shelf soap options.

10. Unified Solutions – Best for Comprehensive Chemical Manufacturing

Country & City: Central New Jersey, USA

Established Date: 2005

Unified Solutions For Cleaning is an innovative American chemical manufacturing company known for its commitment to quality and client satisfaction. They offer a diverse range of products and are a one-stop-shop for all chemical manufacturing needs. Their expertise lies in custom blending and private labeling, which has led to strong partnerships with global chemical companies.

Key Products: Household Care and Personal Care

Takeaway Note:

Unified Solutions is the go-to manufacturer for businesses requiring a broad spectrum of cleaning and personal care products with an assurance of quality and efficiency. However, their specialized focus on chemical manufacturing might not align with brands that are exclusively seeking artisanal or organically crafted soaps.

11. Botanie Soap – Best for Natural Ingredients Enthusiasts

Country & City: Missoula, Montana, USA

Established Date: 2000

Botanie Soap is a leading brand known for its commitment to natural ingredients and eco-consciousness. They specialize in crafting high-quality, organic soaps with natural scents, making them pioneers in the clean soap industry. Their dedication to green practices and customized solutions also makes them a valuable partner for growing brands in the skincare sector.

Key Products: Customized Bar Soaps and Liquid Soaps

Takeaway Note:

Botanie Soap is a great choice for businesses that value natural ingredients and need a manufacturer for small-batch, high-quality custom products. However, their strict adherence to natural components may limit options for brands looking for more diverse ingredient profiles.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Soap Manufacturers

According to Fortune Business Insights, the soap market is expected to experience significant growth from 2023 to 2030. When scouting for a soap manufacturer, consider these critical tips:

  • Organic and Cruelty-Free Certifications: Prioritize organic and cruelty-free certified soap manufacturers to enhance product appeal and show commitment to high standards. This will distinguish your brand in a sustainability-conscious market.
  • 5-step Quality Testing Process: Select a manufacturer with a rigorous 5-step quality testing process to ensure safety and quality for skincare brands. Examples of such tests include raw material assessment, in-process monitoring, finished product evaluation, stability testing, and post-market surveillance.

The table below outlines the significance of a 5-step quality testing process in selecting a skincare manufacturer, emphasizing its importance in ensuring product safety and quality.

Step in Quality Testing ProcessDescriptionImportance for Skincare Brands
Raw Material AssessmentExamination of raw materials for quality and safety before production.Ensures the foundation of the skincare products is of high quality and safe for use.
In-Process MonitoringContinuous quality checks during the manufacturing process.Guarantees that each production stage meets set quality standards, maintaining product consistency.
Finished Product EvaluationThorough analysis of the final product against quality benchmarks.Confirms that the finished product adheres to the expected safety and efficacy standards.
Stability TestingLong-term testing to assess product stability under various conditions.Validates the product’s shelf-life and effectiveness over time, essential for customer satisfaction.
Post-Market SurveillanceOngoing monitoring of the product after it enters the market.Ensures continual safety and effectiveness, enabling prompt response to any quality issues.
  • 98% Accuracy in Order Fulfillment: Select a soap manufacturer with 98% order accuracy for reliability and quality. For instance, a manufacturer with 98% order accuracy will ensure that your salon or spa receives the right skincare products on time, especially during holiday seasons, avoiding any costly mistakes.

Struggling to Find a Trusted Soap Manufacturer in the USA?

Finding a reliable soap manufacturer in the USA can be filled with uncertainty, especially when considering the potential benefits of manufacturing partnerships overseas. China emerges as a strong contender, offering cost advantages and expansive production capabilities that can complement domestic manufacturing.

In this search for excellence, TY Cosmetic emerges as a promising option. We bring a wealth of experience and reputation for excellence in exporting cosmetics worldwide, setting a high bar for quality and service.

Reach out to TY Cosmetic for a partnership that aligns with your vision of luxury and quality. Let us be the cornerstone of your brand’s success story, with our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Embarking on the search for the ideal soap manufacturer in the USA is a strategic decision critical to the essence and success of any luxury skincare brand. This review has provided a detailed compass to guide high-end brands towards partnerships that promise growth and excellence.

For an elevated experience in cosmetic excellence, consider TY Cosmetic as your partner of choice. Connect with us – let’s shape the future of your premium brand together.

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