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Top 7 Private Label SPF Manufacturers

Are you searching for the perfect partner to elevate your skincare brand with high-quality SPF products? The right manufacturer can make a significant difference, offering both expertise and quality assurance.

As an industry insider with years of experience in cosmetics and skincare, I have the insights needed to guide you to the best choices.

After evaluating numerous manufacturers, I found TY Cosmetic stands out for businesses in the skincare sector, particularly for those looking to expand their sunscreen product line.

In this review, we will explore the 7 leading private label SPF manufacturers. You’ll learn about their strengths, product offerings, and why they are preferred by industry professionals.

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1. Dynamic Blending – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: USA, Utah

Established Date: 2015

Dynamic Blending has made a significant mark in the cosmetic manufacturing industry. The company stands out for challenging traditional methods and presenting a competitive edge. Plus, they focus on really listening to their clients and doing business with a lot of integrity. It’s pretty impressive.

Key Products: SPF Lotions and Anti-Aging Serums

Take Away Note:

Dynamic Blending is an ideal partner for high-end brands seeking a manufacturer with a reputation for integrity and innovation. However, their focus on cutting-edge practices might not align with brands looking for more traditional manufacturing approaches.

2. NF Skin – Best for Innovation

Country & City: USA, Miami

Established Date: 2008

NF Skin has carved a niche for itself in the sunscreen private label manufacturing sector. Their all-encompassing approach to skincare and wellness, paired with a steadfast commitment to quality, really makes them stand out from the crowd. The company’s range of sun care products not only focuses on protection but also on enhancing the skin’s natural beauty.

Key Products: After-Sun Care and SPF-50 Mists

Take Away Note:

NF Skin is the best choice for brands focused on unique and high-quality sun care options that can stand out in the market. However, brands with a more narrow focus may find this broad range less aligned with their specific needs.

3. TY Cosmetic – Best for Overall

Country & City: China, Guangzhou

Established Date: 2009

TY Cosmetic has shown remarkable growth from its inception, expanding to three factories and a strong R&D lab. This GMP-certified manufacturer excels in delivering safe and effective skincare and beauty products. And get this – they work out over 160 million skincare products a year. Talk about making a splash in the industry with a commitment to quality!

Key Products: SPF Lotion and Tanning Products

Take Away Note:

TY Cosmetic is perfectly suited for brands from startups to established names, looking for comprehensive, quality-driven manufacturing solutions. Their expertise and capacity make them a go-to for any business aiming to scale and succeed in the competitive skincare market.

4. Allure Labs – Best for Large-Volume Production

Country & City: California, Hayward

Established Date: 1999

Allure Labs stands out for its state-of-the-art lab facility, emphasizing the production of premium-grade skincare products. Their commitment to meet strict quality and safety standards, allows them to operate under principles founded on excellence. This dedication to quality is not just admirable; it gives them a distinct edge in serving their clients.

Key Products: Cosmetics and Sun Care Products

Take Away Note:

Allure Labs is the prime choice for businesses in need of large-volume production runs with a focus on premium skincare. However, smaller brands or those in the early stages might find the large-scale operational focus less tailored to their immediate needs.

5. Max Private Label – Best for Retail Chain Distribution

Country & City: United States, Illinois

Established Date: 1992

Max Private Label has a history of working with a diverse clientele, ranging from local startups to global enterprises. The company commits to exceptional quality and guides every decision, from material selection to customer service. And their secret sauce? Having the best ingredients has really helped them bring some of the best-selling products to market.

Key Products: SPF Creams and Body Oils

Take Away Note:

Max Private Label is an ideal manufacturer for retail chains and brands looking for a partner with expertise in creating best-selling products. However, startups focusing on niche markets might not find the broad product development approach helpful.

6. RainShadow Labs – Best for Organic and Vegan Products

Country & City: United States, St. Helens

Established Date: 1983

RainShadow Labs has been a dedicated partner in the personal care product industry, with a focus on private label and custom development. Their FDA-registered and ISO-certified facility reflects a commitment to quality and safety. Plus, their commitment to cruelty-free products isn’t just talk, it’s at the heart of everything they do, proving their dedication to being both excellent and ethical.

Key Products: Hair Care Solutions and SPF Products

Take Away Note:

RainShadow Labs is the ideal partner for companies dedicated to cruelty-free, organic, and vegan products. However, brands with a focus on synthetic formulations may need to look elsewhere to meet their specific requirements.

7. Bo International – Best for Custom Formulation

Country & City: India, Gurugram

Established Date: 2013

Bo International has rapidly established itself as a leading figure in the personal care cosmetics sector since its inception. The company is known for its flexibility and comprehensive support, offering custom formulation and private label manufacturing. And they’re perfectionists for making sure your products get to you on time and in perfect condition, which really sets them apart.

Key Products: SPF Products and Oral Care

Take Away Note:

BO International is the perfect choice for brands looking for a partner to bring innovative concepts to life through custom formulations. However, brands with a more streamlined and less customizable product line might not fully utilize the range of services offered.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Private Label SPF Manufacturer

Market Research Future indicates a bright forecast for sun protection products, expected to reach $14.39 billion by 2032. This growth highlights the increasing importance of choosing the right private label SPF manufacturer in this growing market. Here are the tips to guide you:

  • 500 Minimum Order Quantities: I always advise looking for a manufacturer that offers as low as 500 pcs for minimum order quantities. This flexibility is crucial for startups and small businesses looking to enter the market without a large upfront investment.

Here’s a table highlighting the importance of selecting manufacturers with low minimum order quantities (MOQs), particularly useful for startups and small businesses:

Low MOQsManufacturers offering low minimum order quantities, such as 500 pieces.Allows startups and small businesses to test the market without a significant initial investment.
FlexibilityAbility to order smaller quantities provides greater flexibility in inventory management.Helps manage stock levels more efficiently, reducing the risk of excess inventory and associated costs.
Market EntryLow MOQs enable new entrants to launch products with limited capital.Lowers the entry barriers for smaller companies, facilitating market access.
Product TestingStartups can order small batches for market testing before committing to larger volumes.Allows businesses to gauge consumer response and adapt products accordingly.
Cash Flow ManagementInvesting less capital in large inventories helps maintain healthier cash flow for small businesses.Essential for maintaining operational liquidity and investing in other business areas.
  • Certified Organic Ingredient Sourcing: Choose a manufacturer that sources certified organic ingredients for SPF formulations. For instance, this commitment guarantees your product is free from harmful chemicals, appealing to health-conscious consumers.
  • Strong Supply Chain: Choose a manufacturer that has a strong supply chain to prevent ingredient shortages and production delays. A reliable supply chain, for example, ensures your sun protection products are always ready for launch without delays.

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Finding the right SPF manufacturer is a key step in launching or expanding your skincare line. TY Cosmetic stands out with its comprehensive services, from custom formulation to packaging solutions, ensuring your brand shines. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction positions us as a leader in the skincare manufacturing industry.

This guide simplifies your search for a top-notch private label SPF manufacturer. By focusing on key industry players like TY Cosmetic, we hope to have made the selection process clearer and more accessible for business owners. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discover how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.

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