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UK’s Top 6 Private Label Soap Manufacturers

Curious about the top players in UK’s private label soap manufacturing? You’ll be surprised to discover that the UK is a key player, home to some of the world’s finest soap makers.

As a cosmetic expert with years of experience in the industry, I have the insider knowledge and expertise to guide you through this niche market.

In this article, we highlight the top 6 private label soap manufacturers in the UK, known for quality, innovation, and crafting unique customer experiences.

Join us as we explore the elite of UK soap manufacturers, showcasing luxury, eco-innovation, and the unique qualities that earn them a place on this prestigious list.

So, ready to dive in.

1. Keep Me Lifestyle – Best for Full-Service Solutions

Country & City: Greenhithe, United Kingdom

Established Date: 2004

Keep Me Lifestyle stands out in the private label sector for its comprehensive services, blending creative design with technical and logistical prowess. They are renowned for their full-service solutions for fragrance, skincare, beauty, cosmetics, and lifestyle products. Their expertise in offering private label services makes them a preferred choice for businesses seeking a standout presence.

Key Products: Skin Care and Cosmetics

Takeaway Note:

Keep Me Lifestyle excels in creating unique, market-leading products. However, their comprehensive services might be overwhelming for businesses seeking more straightforward or smaller-scale production.

2. Cosmetics Nord – Best for Innovative Solutions

Country & City: Europe, UK

Established Date: 2010

As a trailblazer in private label cosmetics manufacturing, Cosmetics Nord is synonymous with innovation and quality. They offer a diverse range of services, including face care, body care, hair care, and makeup product development. Their sustainable approach to manufacturing and ability to provide both ready-made solutions and custom formula development sets them apart in the industry.

Key Products: Body Care and Hair Care

Takeaway Note:

Cosmetics Nord is an excellent choice for businesses seeking innovative and sustainable product solutions. From my experience, their dedication to eco-conscious practices truly sets them apart. However, their focus on bespoke formula development might not align with businesses looking for more standard, off-the-shelf products.

3. Options Ltd – Best for Brand Development

Country & City: Hastings, United Kingdom

Established Date: 2010

Options Ltd specializes in helping businesses launch and develop their own brand, offering a range of personalized white label products. From logo creation to custom product development, they provide a tailored approach to private labeling. Their expertise lies in crafting unique products and branding solutions, making them a go-to for businesses seeking to establish a distinct market presence.

Key Products: Soaps and Salon Products

Takeaway Note:

Options Ltd is perfect for businesses aiming to create a unique brand identity from scratch. However, their bespoke approach might be less suitable for companies looking for quick market entry with pre-existing product formulations.

4. Naturally Balmy – Best for Organic Skincare

Country & City: Poole, United Kingdom

Established Date: 2008

Naturally Balmy is dedicated to the organic skincare market, offering everything from raw ingredients to cosmetic packaging. Known for their high-quality, unique products, they provide a comprehensive range of services, including the sale of safety assessment reports. Their focus on superior raw ingredients and packaging ensures top-notch quality for skincare businesses.

Key Products: Soaps and Body Butters

Takeaway Note:

Naturally Balmy provides unparalleled quality and range, ideal for businesses focusing on organic and natural skincare. However, their niche focus on organic products may not align with businesses targeting a more diverse cosmetic market.

5. Group55 – Best for Diverse Range of Services

Country & City: Lancashire, United Kingdom

Established Date: 1999

With over 20 years of experience, Group55 is an established private label manufacturer specializing in skin care and personal care products. Their comprehensive services include new product development, product testing, packaging sourcing, branding support, and fulfillment. Their wide range of services caters to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established brands, offering unique and tailored solutions.

Key Products: Skincare and Hair Care

Takeaway Note:

Group55 is a prime choice for businesses seeking a wide array of services from concept to market. If you’re looking for a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in manufacturing, they could be your perfect match! However, their extensive range of services might be more than what is required for businesses with simpler manufacturing and branding needs.

6. Shero Cosmetic – Best for Integrated Manufacturing

Country & City: London, United Kingdom

Established Date: 2010

Shero Cosmetic excels in providing comprehensive in-house services for creating and launching high-quality products. Their integrated approach, encompassing development, manufacturing, filling, wrapping, and packaging, ensures top-quality control and timely delivery. Their state-of-the-art equipment and all-encompassing facilities make them a standout in the private label sector.

Key Products: Skincare and Makeup

Takeaway Note:

Shero Cosmetic is perfect for businesses seeking a seamless, integrated product development and manufacturing process. However, their all-in-one approach may not be ideal for businesses looking for more specialized or individualized services.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Private Label Soap Manufacturer in UK

In the fast-expanding UK soap market, projected to grow by USD 145.15 million by 2027 with a 7.18% CAGR, as per Technavio, choosing the right private label soap manufacturer is crucial and requires careful consideration of key factors. Below are the focused tips to guide you:

  • ISO 22716 Certification: Look for manufacturers with ISO 22716 certification, indicating compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices in cosmetics. This ensures product safety and quality control, a vital factor in the cosmetic industry. For example, check for their adherence to quality control standards in manufacturing processes.
  • Use of Organic Ingredients: Prioritize manufacturers that utilize organic ingredients, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly. This aspect is increasingly important to modern consumers. For instance, TY Cosmetic’s use of organically sourced ingredients can be a key consideration.
Ingredient TypeBenefitsCommon Examples
Oils and ButtersGentle on the skin, nourishingOrganic coconut oil, organic shea butter
FragrancesNatural scents, non-toxicOrganic lavender essential oil, organic citrus extracts
ColorantsNo synthetic dyes, gentle colorsOrganic spirulina powder, organic beetroot powder
ExfoliantsNon-abrasive, eco-friendlyOrganic oatmeal, organic coffee grounds
Botanical ExtractsAdded skincare benefitsOrganic aloe vera extract, organic chamomile extract
Essential OilsNatural aromatherapyOrganic tea tree oil, organic lavender oil
PreservativesSafer for the environmentOrganic rosemary extract, organic vitamin E
  • Bespoke Fragrance Development: Assess the manufacturer’s ability to develop custom fragrances. This customization capability allows for unique product differentiation, catering to specific brand identities or customer preferences. For example, explore their expertise in creating signature scents that align with your brand’s image.

Struggling to Find a Trusted Private Label Soap Manufacturer in UK?

Finding a reliable private label soap manufacturer in the UK can be a daunting task, especially when considering options in India and the potential benefits of partnering with manufacturers in China. The global market offers various advantages, including cost efficiency and diverse manufacturing capabilities, making the selection process even more complex.

If you’re facing this challenge, consider TY Cosmetic as your go-to solution. Renowned for our extensive range of products and exceptional export capabilities, we stand out in the global cosmetics market. Our expertise in meeting international standards and exporting globally gives your brand a competitive edge.

Reach out to TY Cosmetic to explore a world of possibilities. Let us be the bridge to your success in the ever-evolving cosmetics industry.


In summary, this review serves as your guide in navigating the complex landscape of private label soap manufacturing in the UK, offering insights to make an informed decision. It highlights key factors and industry leaders, aiding in your search for the ideal manufacturing partner.

Planning to export products outside UK? For tailored solutions and unparalleled expertise in cosmetics manufacturing, turn to TY Cosmetic. Contact us today to learn more.

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