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7 Best Lip Care Manufacturers for Start-Up Brands

Wondering how to select the ideal lip care manufacturer for your product line? Choosing the right partner in the competitive skincare manufacturing landscape is vital for success.

With years of experience in the cosmetic field, I bring a deep understanding of what makes a manufacturer stand out. My expertise is built on extensive research and direct industry involvement, providing you with trustworthy and insightful guidance.

After thorough evaluation of several manufacturers, I found TY Cosmetic standout, especially in the cosmetic industry. Their excellence in quality, innovation, and customer service makes them a top choice.

In this guide, a detailed look at the top 7 lip care manufacturers is presented, highlighting their strengths and what they offer to businesses in the skincare sector.

So let’s get started!

1. Avon Worldwide – Best for High-End Brands

Country and City: United Kingdom, London

Established Date: 1886

Avon Worldwide, started uniquely as a book business before transitioning to beauty products. Recognized for empowering women and promoting economic freedom, the brand is known for its commitment to cruelty-free beauty and high ethical standards. With awards like the Best New Lip Product of 2023 and extensive R&D facilities, brand excels in creating innovative, sustainable, and quality products.

Key Products: Lipstick and Eye Care

Takeaway Note:

Avon is best suited for high-end brands looking for a blend of luxury and ethical beauty products. They offer a rich heritage and commitment to quality, though their high-end positioning may not align with more budget-conscious lines.

2. ChapStick – Best for Innovation

Country and City: USA

Established Date: 1880

ChapStick, the creator of the lip care category, has evolved from its classic “black stick” to an expansive line featuring innovative ingredients and skincare benefits. The brand has expanded its portfolio with innovative ingredients and skincare benefits. As a leading authority on lip care, they are dedicated to the science of skincare for lips, offering products with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, not tested on animals.

Key Product: Lip Balms

Takeaway Note:

For businesses aiming to offer cutting-edge lip care solutions, ChapStick’s inventive approach sets the bar. However, companies seeking more than lip care may find the brand specialized focus less aligned with broader cosmetic lines.

3. TY Cosmetic – Best in Overall

Country and City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 2009

TY Cosmetic swiftly established itself as a versatile partner in the cosmetics industry. With an expansive range of over 8,000 cosmetic formulas and a commitment to cruelty-free and natural ingredients. The brand is at the forefront of innovation and quality in the skincare industry.

Key Products: Skincare and Beauty Products

Takeaway Note:

TY Cosmetic stands as a versatile and quality-centric choice, perfect for entities seeking an all-encompassing range of cosmetic products, including Lip Scrub and Lip Mask, with a focus on natural ingredients and cruelty-free practices, ideal for a wide range of market segments.

4. Burt’s Bees – Best for Natural Ingredient and Sustainability

Country and City: North Carolina, USA

Established Date: 1984

Burt’s Bees, has grown from humble beginnings into a leader in natural personal care products. The company started with beeswax candles and lip balm, and now it’s known for using ingredients from nature, being leaping bunny certified. The brand’s operations are landfill-free and carbonneutral certified, reflecting their dedication to sustainability.

Key Products: Lip Care and Body Care

Takeaway Note:

Burt’s Bees is an excellent choice for brands prioritizing natural ingredients and sustainability. Its focus on eco-friendly products and practices is ideal for a green market, although its niche in natural products might not appeal to all consumer segments.

5. Softlips – Best for Variety in Flavors

Country and City: New York, USA

Established Date: 1990

Softlips has been a go-to brand for lip care, focusing on keeping lips healthy, hydrated, and protected. They emphasize customer health and satisfaction, crafting their lip balms with nourishing moisturizers, sunscreen protection, and natural oils, available in delicious flavors. The brand is dedicated to solving a wide range of lip care needs, ensuring products that align with their mission of giving lips the attention they deserve.

Key Product: Lip Care

Takeaway Note:

Softlips is great for brands seeking a range of flavorful, nourishing lip care products. However, for brands focusing on advanced lip treatment solutions, like anti-aging or medicinal benefits, brands’ emphasis on flavored products might not be sufficient.

6. Carmex – Best in Medicated Lip Care

Country and City: Wisconsin, USA

Established Date: 1937

Carmex has grown into a globally recognized brand for lip care, shipping to over 60 countries. Their product range spans from medicated to natural, focusing on soothing and softening lips. As a family brand, they value customer satisfaction, demonstrated by their no. 1 ranking in over-the-counter lip balm brands and the introduction of innovative products like the click stick applicator with SPF 15.

Key Products: Balm and Sore Treatment

Takeaway Note:

Carmex is a top choice for businesses looking for medicated and natural lip care options. Their focus on therapeutic lip care is perfect for a health-conscious market, but may not suit brands seeking purely cosmetic lip products.

7. Eco Lips – Best in Organic Lip Care

Country and City: Iowa, USA

Established Date: 2003

Eco Lips pioneers organic lip care. They focus on making high-quality products for other successful brands, emphasizing the use of natural, organic ingredients. Their B Corporation status and innovative plant pod packaging exemplify their dedication to the planet and its inhabitants.

Key Products: Lip Care and Facial Care

Takeaway Note:

Eco Lips is ideal for brands dedicated to organic, eco-friendly lip care. Their emphasis on organic ingredients and sustainable practices makes them a leader in green beauty, although their niche in organics may not align with all market needs.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Lip Care Manufacturer

As per Grand View Research, the global lip care products market size to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% from 2021 to 2028. Here are some specific tips with an in-depth look:

  • 500 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): When selecting a manufacturer, consider their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 500 units, as it impacts inventory control and budget. For example, a lower MOQ offers more flexibility and less risk, ideal for startups or brands introducing new products.

Here is a table that outlines the implications and considerations of a 500 Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) when choosing a manufacturer:

MOQ of 500 UnitsThe minimum number of units a manufacturer requires per order.Ensures a baseline level of production and sales for the manufacturer.
Inventory ControlAffects how much stock a business needs to hold.A lower MOQ like 500 can help manage inventory more effectively, reducing the risk of excess stock.
Budget ImpactInfluences the initial investment in inventory.A MOQ of 500 can be more budget-friendly, especially for small businesses or those testing new markets.
FlexibilityOffers more flexibility in ordering.Ideal for startups, small businesses, or brands introducing new products, as it allows for smaller, more frequent orders.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Software: By choosing a manufacturer that employs OEE software, it can guarantee a higher standards of quality control and operational performance in the production of lip care products.
  • Product Development and Innovation: Prioritize manufacturers with a strong product development pipeline. For example, focusing on trends such as natural ingredients and innovative formulations, to distinguish the products in a competitive market.


Selecting the right lip care manufacturer is an essential step for any start-up brand looking to make a mark in the beauty industry. The journey through this comprehensive list of top manufacturers provides a clear understanding of what each can offer, from innovative products to sustainable practices.

For brands seeking a comprehensive solution combining innovation, quality, and market responsiveness, TY Cosmetic stands out. To learn more and take the next step, contact us today.

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