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How To Start Your Own Private Label Body Wash: The First Steps

In the world of body care, one of the issues that need to be addressed is removing dead skin cells, oils, dirt, pollutants, etc. Because of these concerns, body care products like body wash have arisen to be of aid. It is also the reason why the market is continuously growing.

As per FORTUNE, from 2019 to 2027, the CAGR will grow at 4.7%. It is around USD 41.33 billion in 2019 and will change to USD 59.72 billion by the end of 2027. In this article, we’ll discuss why body wash is a good brand venture, its ingredients, and what TY OEM Cosmetics can offer for you.

What Is A Body Wash?

A body wash is a liquid soap used for the whole body for cleaning. This soap has a water-based consistency that is put in a bottle container. And it comes in a wide range of formulations, colors, and scents.

Body washes are versatile, and both men and women can use them. They’re mild, have calming ingredients, and address common skin problems. They are also PH balanced and have hydrating and moisturizing substances to replenish skin moisture lost when bathing.

How To Judge A Good Body Wash?

There are limited body washes brands on the market, so finding a good one can be demanding. Apart from the body wash fragrance, its appearance, and formulation, there are more indications of the best body wash among the rest, such as the following:

Foams Up Well

Body wash foams up nicely than its bar-form counterpart. Because of this formulation, a body wash might be ideal for consumers who want to have bubbles and enjoy lather on their bath. This foam also provides benefits by promoting a soothing bath and thorough cleaning.

Easy To Wash Off

It is simple to wash off body wash residue on the skin since it foams up and sits nicely on top of the skin. Even though you put a more body wash, a little water can eliminate the excess.

Exfoliates The Skin

The skin needs to be exfoliated to eliminate the dead skin cells and promote glow. Body wash will also exfoliate the skin due to the synthetic and natural chemical ingredients necessary for exfoliation.

Less Drying

Hydrating and nourishing are two characteristics that are abundant in body washes. They are designed with the intent to prevent the skin from drying out. Instead, It will help moisturize the skin, make it soft and supple, and promote glow.  

Hygienic To Use

A Body wash is more hygienic than bar soaps because it comes in a liquid form and is nicely packed in a bottle. Because of this factor, bacteria are less likely to grow and accumulate. It’s also hygienic for others to use since it does not directly contact the skin.

How To Judge A Good Body Wash?

The Key Ingredients In A Body Wash

Most of the time, body washes are formulated with the following six key ingredients:


Water is a liquid solvent that binds all the ingredients in one. It is also a beneficial ingredient that keeps the consistency of the body wash.


Detergents are an ingredient that cleanses the skin while releasing tension, oil and dirt, and impurities on the skin. The two common detergents are alpha and beta sugar.


The emulsifier is an ingredient responsible for the foam and thick consistency in body washes. These emulsifiers are substances that bind oil and water together to create gel-like viscosity.


Preservatives, as it implies, keep the shelf life of body washes longer by preventing the growth of bacteria and germs. Some common preservatives put in body washes are parabens and glyoxal.


What makes body wash more enjoyable and relaxing is the fragrance. Manufacturers mix the natural scent derived from essential oils or plant extracts into the formulation to keep the body wash aromatic.


Surfactants combine water and fat substances that provide excellent benefits like removing oils and impurities. It also keeps the body wash lather or foam up.

The Key Ingredients In A Body Wash

Types Of Private Label Body Wash At TY OEM Cosmetics

TY OEM Cosmetic offers a broad range of private label body wash for your brand. Each of these has a unique formulation for the top market once you launch them in your brand.  

Body Wash

A Body wash has a thin, runny, and foamy consistency that helps wash the body. This type of soap provides excellent benefits to the skin by removing debris, impurities, and oils. It also helps treat dry skin, peeling, and other skin conditions.

Body Shower

A body shower is a type of body wash and shower gel combined. This body shower cleanses the skin by removing dirt, odor, sweat, and even dead skin cells. It has a more aggressive solution for deep cleaning and can dry the skin out if left out too much.

Shower Gel

Shower gels are liquid solutions with a gel-like mixture that are not runny. The reason for this is the gel formulation is a combination of water-based emulsion with a detergent and an added scent.

Acne Body Wash

Acne is a typical skin concern for many people, and the best way to minimize its appearance is using an acne body wash. The acne body wash is soft and gentle that profoundly cleans the skin, oil build-up, and clogged pores.

Coconut Body Wash

The main ingredients of coconut body wash are coconut milk and coconut oil. This body washes alone gentle wash and nourishes the skin while pampering the body, leaving it feeling revitalized. It also helps deeply cleanse the skin while providing hydration and moisture.

Shower Cream

A shower cream has the same use as a body wash since it cleanses the skin and contains moisturizing elements. As its used, this cream will soak into the skin, help give moisture and treat skin diseases like eczema.

Exfoliating Body Wash

An exfoliating body wash has exfoliating granules that are gentle on the skin while still effective. This body wash helps remove dead skin cells, pollutants, and dirt. It also perfects the skin to absorb moisture and hydration from other body products.

Shower Foam

Shower Foam has a more extreme component than body wash, cream, or gel. It is formulated to thoroughly clean your body and skin while keeping it hydrated and nourished. For this reason, it contains moisturizing components that won’t strip your natural oils after bathing.

Palmolive Body Wash

Palmolive body wash helps moisturize and brightens the skin due to its natural oils and active ingredients. It sometimes contains palm and olive oil, 100% milk extract, honey, and other natural ingredients.  

Types Of Private Label Body Wash At TY OEM Cosmetics

Private Label Body Wash Formulation For Specific Areas

A body wash has unique formulations that target specific areas, such as the following:


Body wash intended for exfoliation contains ingredients like natural or synthetic exfoliants. These components are finely crushed in body wash for gentle application, so users need to use washcloths or loofah for added exfoliation.

Certain Allergies

Allergies are common in the skin, and one way to help get rid of or maximize these are by using gentle body washes. It’s best to produce hypoallergenic body washes with all-natural ingredients and paraben-free.

Dry Skin

Individuals with dry skin need an extra hand of nourishing and soothing. It is where body washes that have hydrating and moisturizing elements come to the rescue since they coat and lock moisture in the skin.

Chronic Skin Condition

Chronic skin conditions like acne, eczema, or psoriasis are sensitive to their soaps. For this reason, dermatologists are likely to recommend body washes with gentle ingredients.


A whitening body wash has active ingredients that will help lighten scars and promote glow. The body wash is best with mixtures of exfoliating and lightening ingredients, like kojic acid and glutathione.

Private Label Body Wash Formulation For Specific Areas

Is Private Label Body Wash The Best Way To Start Your Business?

Private labeling provides an excellent investment, especially if it’s a body wash product. When looking at the body wash market, the rate increases every year. It is the driving growth, like consumers’ concerns regarding health and hygiene, the standard of living, and environmental-diseases protection. With this, venturing into a private label body wash is the most brilliant move for your business.

Why Work With TY OEM Cosmetic For Your Private Label Body Wash Brand?

Body care products have always been limited. The only options customers have is bar soap or body—and that’s it. Our private label body wash services provide the gap that addresses consumers’ concerns and builds a powerful product line that will top in the market.

As a private label factory, we understand the need for your body wash brand. Whatever formulation, product packaging, and labeling you need, we guarantee you that we’ll help make your dream brand into reality. So, don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry, and our team will answer it within 12 hours!

Your Private Label Body Wash Brand

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