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Top 7 Halal Skincare Manufacturers

Are you searching for manufacturers to meet the needs of your religiously conscious consumers? Selecting the right one can have a great impact in your business success.

With extensive experience in the cosmetics sector, I offer expert evaluations to guide your business decisions effectively.

After reviewing numerous manufacturers, TY Cosmetic emerged as the premier choice for businesses seeking dedicated halal skincare production.

In this review, we’ll uncover the top 7 halal skincare manufacturers. I will share insights into their production ethics, product quality, and how they can enhance your business’s offerings.

Explore top halal skin care manufacturers today!

1. Amara Beauty – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: USA, New York

Established Date: 2010

Amara Beauty is dedicated to crafting its skincare line using only premium ingredients, each product guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals like parabens and petrochemicals. The company’s strict adherence to cruelty-free practices meets a significant demand for ethical beauty products within the luxury market.

Key Products: Serum and Retinol Cream

Take Away Note:

Amara Beauty is best suited for upscale retailers and luxury boutiques looking to enhance their product lines with high-end, ethically produced skincare. However, their commitment to quality and luxury may not align with the needs of more price-sensitive markets. So I guess their offerings are not for everyone.

2. Halal Beauty Cosmetics – Best for Innovation

Country & City: United Kingdom, London

Established Date: 2005

Halal Beauty Cosmetics pioneers in integrating faith-based practices with cutting-edge beauty solutions. Their products exclude common controversial ingredients, addressing a niche but growing demographic of consumers seeking halal-certified beauty products. But wait there’s more, the company’s roots in family values and personal struggle reflect that they resonates with customers on a personal level.

Key Products: Lipstick and Mascara

Take Away Note:

Halal Beauty Cosmetics is the ideal choice for businesses seeking innovative and ethically formulated cosmetics that cater to a niche market of halal product consumers. However, their specialized approach might not fully meet the demands of traditional cosmetic markets seeking broader product applicability.

3. TY Cosmetic – Best for Overall

Country & City: China, Guangzhou

Established Date: 2009

TY Cosmetic has grown from a single factory to a leading manufacturer incubator known for its robust R&D capabilities and expansive manufacturing facilities. They offer comprehensive private-label solutions, supporting clients from concept to market with a focus on safety and effectiveness. Their commitment to continuous improvement and client success positions them as a leader in the global skincare market.

Key Products: Serum and Night Cream

Take Away Note:

TY Cosmetic is ideally suited for businesses seeking comprehensive, end-to-end private label solutions. Their extensive capabilities support clients from product inception to market launch, ensuring a successful skincare line that can adapt and thrive in a dynamic global marketplace. What an inspiration company!

4. Sampure Minerals – Best for Personalized Makeup Solutions

Country & City: United Kingdom, London

Established Date: 2009

Sampure Minerals excels in combining natural, vegetarian, and halal-certified ingredients in its makeup range. They renowned for pioneering use of mineral components, ensuring a gentle touch for sensitive skin. Additionally, I researched that their commitment to ethical standards is evident in its extensive offering of mineral cosmetics, supported by personalized technology and educational research framework.

Key Products: Foundation and Matte Lipstick

Take Away Note:

Sampure Minerals is ideal for consumers and businesses seeking tailor-made beauty solutions that adhere to strict ethical standards. However, their specialized focus on mineral-based products may not fulfill the needs of those seeking a broader range of cosmetic formulations.

5. Inika Organic – Best for Organic Product Innovations

Country & City: Australia, Sydney

Established Date: 2006

Inika Organic has been a leader in the clean beauty movement, establishing a notable presence in the global organic cosmetics market. Their products are not only toxin-free but also packed with potent organic ingredients that enhance skin health and beauty. Wow, no doubt that with over 60 awards to its name, the company is recognized for its toxin-free, natural formulations by its prominence on global fashion runways.

Key Products: BB Cream and Foundation

Take Away Note:

Ideal for retailers and consumers prioritizing health and sustainability in their beauty products.However, Inika’s premium organic range may be less appealing to markets looking for more economically priced cosmetic options.

6. Ivy Beauty – Best for Halal Certified Beauty Innovation

Country & City: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Established Date: 2014

Ivy Beauty distinguishes itself with its halal-certified product line. You must be wondering how they stand out? Their products are designed not only to align with Islamic principles but also to offer premium quality and innovation in skincare. Their commitment ensures their offerings meet the stringent standards required by both religious and ethical consumers, making them a strong contender in both local and international markets.

Key Products: Moisturizing Cream and Facial Toner

Take Away Note:

Best suited for businesses and consumers seeking products that meet rigorous halal standards. However, their specific focus on halal certification may not cater to broader markets that value a wider variety of cosmetic attributes.

7. Inglot – Best for Customizable Cosmetic Innovations

Country & City: Poland, Przemysl

Established Date: 1983

Inglot has revolutionized the cosmetics industry with its freedom system of personalized makeup palettes, allowing unparalleled customization. Their commitment to cruelty-free and predominantly vegan products resonates with a global audience, ensuring compliance with ethical standards. The company continually expands its influence and adapts to diverse consumer needs.

Key Products: Eyeliner Gel and Makeup Palette

Take Away Note:

Inglot is an excellent partner for businesses that value innovation and customization in cosmetics. However, their emphasis on high customization and premium offerings might not suit consumers who are looking for basic, more affordable cosmetic products. I suggest looking for another manufacturer who can offer basic business needs.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Halal Manufacturer

When selecting a cosmetics manufacturer, I believe that choosing the best one is difficult, especially cosmetic growth size is constantly increasing at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2023 to 2032 according to Predence Reserach. To give more information, here are 3 specific tips to help to make an informed choice:

  • ECOCERT/COSMOS Organic Certification: If your business is focusing on natural or organic cosmetic products, ECOCERT or COSMOS certifications are important. These certifications ensure that the products are made according to strict environmental and health standards, using organic and natural ingredients wherever possible.
  • Microencapsulation: Look for manufacturers that utilize microencapsulation technology. An example of this would be a skincare serum where active ingredients like vitamins or antioxidants are encapsulated. This method enhances the stability and efficacy of the product by protecting these ingredients from oxidation and enabling a controlled release that improves skin absorption.

Below is a table summarizing microencapsulation technology used by manufacturers for skincare serums, focusing on how this method enhances product stability and efficacy.

ManufacturerProduct NameKey Encapsulated IngredientsBenefits of MicroencapsulationTarget Market
DermatechVitaSerumVitamins A, C, EProtects vitamins from oxidation, controlled releaseMiddle-aged consumers
SkinPureAntioxBoostGreen tea, ResveratrolExtends ingredient efficacy, prevents premature degradationHealth-conscious individuals
GlowEssenceHydratePlusHyaluronic AcidMaintains moisture over time, reduces skin exposure to irritantsDry skin demographic
RejuvaSkinYouthElixirRetinol, PeptidesShields sensitive ingredients from environmental stress, slow release for overnight repairAnti-aging market
PureDermBrightenGlowNiacinamide, Vitamin CEnhances ingredient stability under UV exposure, promotes even distributionConsumers seeking skin brightening
  • Third-Party Testing Facilities: Ensure the manufacturer has in-house testing facilities. For example, if third-party lab might conduct dermatological testing on product to verify that it does not allergic reactions. They might also perform stability tests to ensure that the product maintains its effectiveness under environmental conditions.

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Choosing a halal skincare manufacturer is an important decision for your business, one that influences both product integrity and consumer trust. TY Cosmetic stands out in this specialized market, providing high-quality, compliant halal products that meet rigorous standards. With their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, they ensure that every product reflects your business values and appeals to conscious consumers.

This guide aims to simplify your search for the perfect halal skincare manufacturer. If you’re seeking a partner that excels in quality and innovation, consider TY Cosmetic for your manufacturing needs. For more information or to discuss your specific requirements. Contact us today!

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