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Case Study 1

Turning Dreams and Ideas Into a Reality: UAE Skincare Products for the High-End Market


• Background: A client from UAE wanted to create her own line of facial care kit using sheep placenta and collagen. She wanted the skincare products to have moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging effects. Read on how TY OEM helped her overcome the challenges of creating her skincare line.
• Services Offered: One-Stop private label including formulation, packaging design, and finished products.

In order to protect our customers’ privacy, we blurred some sensitive information on the screenshots.

Initial Consultation

Aside from the basic skincare kit, the client also wanted to add an eye mask to her collection. She provided images of what she wanted the product to look like, which gave us a clearer picture of what she wanted.
Other customization she wanted for her beauty products included:
● Formulated for sensitive skin
● Uses all-natural ingredients
● All the ingredients should be mentioned on the bottles
● All certifications should be displayed on the packaging
After everything was agreed upon, there was another challenge. The client couldn’t afford the minimum MOQ we have, stating the cost was too high for them. Instead, they asked if they could start off with an initial 1000 skincare sets, which we agreed on.

Sampling and Quotation

After the formulation and ingredients became final, we made some samples for the client. We were able to send the samples two days after they made the request. The client requested to wait for 3 weeks to one month, so they can check the effects before they have the initial order.

Design and Planning

After the client was satisfied with the results of the sample, our design team helped them choose the right packaging for the product based on their budget. Once the client agreed on everything, they paid a deposit to commence the order process.

Proofing and Production

TY OEM’s design team also created a design solution that reflects the client’s concept and brand. Even if the customer was abroad, they were 100% involved in the design and proofing process. The communication was constant and the client was informed of any changes every step of the way.

Logistics and Delivery

One of the biggest challenges startups encountered was having an agent in China. Without one, businesses have to pay a big amount of money. But our clients need not worry about it because we help them overcome these difficulties. The client was happy and it became the start of a successful business relationship. They are scheduled to order the second batch from us.

If you have any questions about this case study or if you want to do the same thing, please get in touch with us.

TY OEM is committed to making private label beauty and skincare processes easier for our partners. We help them overcome the roadblocks in any form, so they can successfully release their brand just like our UAE client in this study.

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