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Top 9 Bulk Suntan Lotion Manufacturers

Are you searching for reliable bulk suntan lotion manufacturers for your business needs? Identifying a manufacturer that meets your production and quality expectations is crucial in this growing market.

With extensive experience in the cosmetics industry, my insights are derived from thorough research and direct interactions with various manufacturers.

After evaluating numerous manufacturers, TY Cosmetic has consistently excelled, particularly for businesses focused on the quality and customization of suntan products.

In this review, we will explore the top 9 manufacturers, detailing their strengths and how they cater to different business needs, ensuring you make an informed decision for your brand.

Read on and meet your ideal maker!

1. Australian Gold – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: USA, Indianapolis

Established Date: 1985

Australian Gold thrives as a pioneer in suncare, with a foundation built on a unique Australian-inspired identity and a sun-loving lifestyle. The company’s infusion of cocoa dreams fragrance allows its products to embody the essence of a sun-kissed life, combining coconut and vanilla. Committed to providing top-notch sun protection, they certify that every sunny moment consumers cherish stays memorable.

Key Products: Sun Care and Tanning Lotion

Take Away Note:

Australian Gold is ideal for premium retailers seeking a brand with a luxurious and well-established image. However, their signature scent might not appeal to businesses who prefer to offer fragrance-free sun care options.

2. Hawaiian Tropic – Best for Innovation

Country & City: USA, Daytona Beach

Established Date: 1969

Hawaiian Tropic is celebrated for its signature tropical scents and the use of nourishing island botanicals, enhancing the skin’s natural beauty. With their commitment to the environment and animal welfare, they become the leader in ethical and innovative sun care solutions. Here’s what I found, with their PETA Cruelty-Free certification, they continue to innovate, ensuring their products are as kind-hearted as they are effective.

Key Products: Sunscreen Powder and Suntan Lotion

Take Away Note:

Hawaiian Tropic is ideal for companies that prioritize eco-friendly and innovative suncare solutions with a touch of exotic appeal. However, their distinct tropical scents and botanical ingredients may not align with the buyers who are sensitive to fragrances.

3. TY Cosmetics – Best for Overall

Country & City: China, Guangzhou

Established Date: 2009

TY Cosmetics offers comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to develop their private-label skin care. Their commitment to quality has led to exponential growth from 1 to 3 factories and a strong R&D lab. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality and effective skincare products that cater to a diverse range of global clients. And the best part is that they don’t just supply products; they build partnerships.

Key Products: Suntan Lotion and Hair Growth Oil

Take Away Note:

TY Cosmetic is the go-to manufacturer for businesses seeking comprehensive, cost-effective skincare solutions from a trusted, quality-focused provider. Their flexibility in product customization and commitment to safety standards make them an excellent partner for growing brands.

4. Banana Boat – Best for Safety Standards

Country & City: USA, Shelton

Established Date: 1976

Banana Boat is celebrated for its commitment to sun safety, a philosophy that has been raised over decades. Their playful approach to sun care, featuring non-greasy formulas and vibrant packaging, transformed how sunscreen is recognized. Committed to making every sunlit activity safe and enjoyable, this brand guarantees that the time outdoors is always a blast.

Key Products: Lip Balm and Suntan Lotion

Take Away Note:

Banana Boat is best suited for businesses targeting a broad consumer base with products that emphasize both enjoyment and effectiveness. However, their playful branding might not resonate with a more mature and upscale demographic seeking premium sun care options.

5. Solaris Tanning Products – Best for Flexible Production Capabilities

Country & City: UK, Manchester

Established Date: 2014

Solaris Tanning Products embodies growth and innovation in the sun care industry. Here’s the interesting part, with rapid growth driven by a dedicated team across 3 industrial units, they excel in producing high volumes quickly. They are known for their capability to quickly produce high volumes, catering to both commercial clients and direct consumers.

Key Products: Self-Tan Lotion and Instant Tan Spray

Take Away Note:

Solaris Tanning Products is suited for businesses needing large-scale production and rapid fulfillment. However, their focus on self-tanning products might limit the appeal to traditional sun care retailers who prioritize a broader range of sun protection options.

6. Coppertone – Best for Family-Friendly Sun Protection

Country & City: USA, New Jersey

Established Date: 1944

Coppertone is synonymous with family sun protection, offering a range of products that cater to children and adults. This brand has a long-standing history of providing reliable sun care solutions, reinforced by thorough scientific research and strict product testing. It’s their consistent reliability that has won hearts both at home and abroad, making them a trusted name in sun care everywhere.

Key Products: Suntan Lotion and Sunscreen Spray

Take Away Note:

Coppertone is well-matched with companies that appreciate a legacy brand known for reliable and effective sun protection. However, their traditional market approach may not resonate with consumers who prefer trendy or organic suncare products.

7. Alba Botanica – Best for Natural Ingredients Formulation

Country & City: USA, New York

Established Date: 1979

Alba Botanica is dedicated to creating sun care products that harmonize with nature. The brand’s commitment to cruelty-free practices and the use of recycled materials enhances its reputation in the environmentally aware market. But that’s not all, their whole mission is about celebrating and protecting natural beauty and sustainability.

Key Products: Cleansing Gel and Suntan Lotion

Take Away Note:

Alba Botanica is the go-to manufacturer for businesses focusing on natural and environmentally friendly sun care products. However, their strict adherence to vegan ingredients may not meet the needs of all consumers, especially those looking for medically enhanced sun protection solutions.

8. Sun Bum – Best for Lifestyle Marketing

Country & City: USA, Florida

Established Date: 2010

Sun Bum has created a strong brand identity centered around a beach-friendly lifestyle, appealing to a young and active demographic.Their commitment to community and environment resonates deeply with a demographic that values authenticity and environmental care. Plus, they keep things fresh and exciting with constant innovation, staying cool and relevant to their youthful crowd.

Key Products: Sunscreen Moisturizer and Tanning Lotion

Take Away Note:

Sun Bum is ideally positioned for businesses that emphasize a carefree and outdoor lifestyle in their branding. However, their informal and playful brand image may not align with more clinical or luxury-focused businesses that require a more traditional professional presentation.

9. Beauty by Earth – Best for Organic Options

Country & City: USA, Frisco, Texas

Established Date: 2014

Beauty by Earth stands out for its commitment to non-toxic ingredients, reflecting a dedication to health and wellness. This brand is committed to delivering beauty solutions that are both effective and environmentally responsible. The company’s relentless focus on pure and safe ingredients aligns with current consumer trends for healthier lifestyles. The trick is that it’s all about being kind to the skin and the environment.

Key Products: Self Tanner Lotion andFace Serums

Take Away Note:

Beauty by Earth is ideal for businesses focusing on health-conscious consumers who value organic and natural skincare. However, their specialized product range and premium pricing may not cater to budget-conscious entities seeking more affordable sun care options.

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing Bulk Suntan Lotion Manufacturers

As per Grand View Research, the self-tanning products market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2022 to 2030. This growth underscores the increasing demand for quality suntan lotions. Here are specific tips to consider when choosing a bulk suntan lotion manufacturer:

  • NSF Certification: Make sure the manufacturer holds a national sanitation foundation certification for their manufacturing facility. This guarantees that the manufacturer adheres to strict quality standards and regulations, assuring product safety and efficacy.
  • Offer Sample Testing: Find a manufacturer that offers pre-production sample testing, allowing you to evaluate product quality. For example, you might test different SPF formulations to determine which offers the best protection and consistency under various conditions.
  • UV Stabilization Technologies: Select a manufacturer that employs advanced UV stabilization in their lotions, letting active ingredients remain effective longer. For instance, a tanning lotion with UV stabilization might retain its SPF effectiveness even after exposure to midday sun for continuous protection.
  • Seasonal Formula Adaptations: It’s smart to look for manufacturers who modify their formulas with the seasons. Manufacturers who can adjust their products for varying weather conditions provide lotions that maintain their effectiveness and comfort year-round.

Here’s a table outlining how manufacturers might adapt their lotion formulas across different seasons to ensure optimal effectiveness and comfort.

SeasonTypical Weather ConditionsFormula AdaptationKey IngredientsBenefits
WinterCold and dryIncreased emollients and moisturizersShea butter, glycerinPrevents skin dryness and flaking, provides deep hydration
SpringMild and variableLightweight, hydratingHyaluronic acid, aloe veraMaintains moisture without heaviness, soothes skin
SummerHot and humidSweat-resistant, non-greasySilicone, zinc oxideReduces sweat and oiliness, protects from UV rays
AutumnCool and windyBarrier-protecting, mild exfoliationJojoba oil, lactic acidProtects skin barrier, gently removes dead skin cells
Year-roundVariedAntioxidants, SPF protectionVitamin C, sunscreenProtects against environmental damage, prevents sunburn

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Choosing the right bulk suntan lotion manufacturer is key to the success of your skincare brand. At TY Cosmetic, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, customizable solutions that cater to your brand’s unique needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us a leader in the skincare manufacturing industry.

We hope this guide helps you identify the right manufacturing partner for your suntan lotion line. By choosing wisely, you can boost your product quality and market appeal. For more information or to discuss how we can support your business, feel free to contact us directly.

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