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One-Stop OEM/ODM Skincare & Beauty Products Contract Manufacturer

Own your OEM/ODM/Private Label for Skincare & Cosmetic is no longer difficult here.

As a reliable GMP-certified cosmetic manufacturer, We provide global brands with safely efficacious skincare/beauty products and high-quality services at very reasonable prices to enhance your brands.

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1990 +
Professional Staff
7990 +
Production Area
Production Line
190 t
Emulsification Daily

We have been acting professionally in the OEM cosmetics manufacturing industry for the past 13 years. 160 million skincare products come through our factory each year, being exported to countries and regions worldwide.

In the past decades, we have served more than 2000 brand clients across the globe. With advanced technology and strict quality control, we are able to produce high-quality products to grow your brand, increase its value, and make it more successful and profitable.

What do we provide for you?

1. Extensive Range of Cosmetic/Skincare Products

Here at TY Cosmetic, we help build your private label with our extensive range of products with more than 8,000 developed formulas and endless custom possibilities that are ready to react to any skincare need


We offer various sunscreen formulas for products like creams, sticks, and sprays.

Face Care

We have a range of facial care formulas, from cleansers to eye, lip, and face creams.

Hair Care

Experienced in hair care products, from shampoos to conditioners, masks, and scalp treatments.

Body Care

In body care, we offer deodorants, hair removal, lotions, and bath products for all skin types.

Mom & Baby Care

We focus on making safe, gentle, effective baby products like 2-in-1 wash, baby oil, and cream.

2. Effective Process & Satisfied Services

Moreover, we make the whole process of private label or OEM as efficient as possible, we are not only focus on your cosmetic/skincare products, but also your satisfaction.


We provide you different 
solutions based on your unique requirements.


Time is money, so we strive to
benefit our client in the
shortest possible time.


Our sophisticated production
facilities and technology are
reduced to protect your

High RIO

one-stop service to save
your costs and increase
your profits.

3. Security & Safety

You can totally trust us with all certifications shown below.

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What did our happy clients say?

What makes us different from others?

Not only an excellent products you got, but also awesome services and high satisfaction.

1. You can choose from a full range of products to meet any of your demand.

2. You could get a quick samples provided by our R&D department.

3. Quality product & quick response from powerful factory.

4. A experienced team will guide you through the whole process of OEM.

5. You will get the best price when creating your own private label.

and last but not least...

Your products are produced by the raw material from our proud partners below:

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Private Label

Bulk Skincare Raw Material
Free Sample for Testing

and anything you can think of

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[ben 4] I am Sunny Zheng, me and my team would be happy to meet you and learn all about your business, requirements and expectations.


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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@tyoemcosmetic.com”